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01.04.2022 News & insights

Supporting Ukrainian Employees

Supporting Ukrainian Employees

In February Russia started the invasion of Ukraine. A lot of companies and professionals are looking for ways to support displaced people in more ways than financial support.

The below is a list of webpages and companies that are helping to support Ukrainian workers during this disruptive time. The below advice is not exhaustive, but it will be a helpful starting point if you’re looking to support your current or future employees. 

We have compiled the list below based mostly on the DACH region. If you’re looking for broad advice about helping from other countries throughout Europe and further, you can find a breakdown per country here

Hiring people from Ukraine

In addition to posting your job vacancies on job boards that are focused on helping Ukrainian people, there are a few legal subjects to think about. 

Of course, this period of time can be extremely challenging for people having to move from their home country. When you talk to potential Ukrainian employees who are considering moving elsewhere in Europe, you can send them the links below to help support them in this decision.

Borders closed

Keep in mind that for the moment, borders have been closed to men aged between 18 – 60 years old and so this demographic will not be able to relocate. 


Potential employees should be made aware that paying taxes in a lot of countries across Europe is more expensive compared to Ukraine. Here is a tax calculator for Germany so candidates can get a good estimate of how much they will receive after taxes once they start earning. 


In Germany, the cost of living, and especially the cost of renting an apartment is much higher than in Ukraine. It can also be difficult to secure an apartment in large German cities. Here is a cost of living index for Germany so candidates are prepared for their arrival. 

Relocation support 

In Germany

Frequently asked questions about entering Germany from Ukraine and residing in Germany including information about residence permits, documentation, and welfare assistance. 

In Austria

Information on visa applications, residence permits, Austrian job boards, and access to education and healthcare. 

In Switzerland

General information on entering Switzerland and obtaining a residence permit. 

Further information

This link has much more extensive and detailed information on leaving Ukraine including current border waiting times, what Ukrainians should bring with them and live updates on the situation. There are also global resources for accommodation, medical aid, psychological support and legal assistance. 

Job Boards

There are a few job boards that are specific for hiring people from Ukraine. Remember that hiring internationally comes with its own challenges like setting up work contracts, organising relocation for some employees, and setting up multi-country payrolls. Advice related to these topics are discussed further below. 

Job Boards especially for Ukraine: 

  • Job Aid Ukraine
    Helping connect companies that have open positions throughout Europe with the Ukrainian people. Companies can post their open vacancies for free.

  • UA Talents

Connecting Ukrainian talent with hiring companies, either with relocation options, or remotely. 

Job Boards offering further support: 

A Ukrainian company that offers relocation support. 

A job board focused on remote only job ads.

Remote.com is focused on remote only job ads. They also offer support with international work contracts and payrolls. 

Has a dedicated space for Ukrainians looking for work across the EU, specialising in temporary positions to employ people fast. They are offering travel support. 

Remote workers

If you have remote workers based in Ukraine there are some things you can do to help support them. Most importantly the biggest help besides offering emotional and empathetic support is ensuring that job positions will be saved and salaries will continue to be paid to those who are mobilised, volunteering, or are in an environment that is not safe to work. 

There are multiple companies that are helping to support Multi-Country Payrolls, work contracts and relocation: 

  • A list of the best Multi-Country Payroll Software. 
  • Globalization Partners helps companies hire anywhere in the world without the company having to set up new branch offices. They support onboarding, payroll, benefits and taxes. 
  • Deel is streamlining payment processes and tracks the next steps for candidates. 
  • Pilot.co is a tool focused on payroll, benefits and compliance for remote workers. Unfortunately, at the moment this tool is only available to the US market. 
  • WorkMotion supports international hiring, onboarding and HR Management across 160 countries.  

It’s important that your organisation stays in regular contact with your remote workers to help with morale while the situation is ongoing. Ensure there are extra points of contact dedicated to supporting these workers in Ukraine, either within your HR team, or volunteers from other departments. 

Make sure that all your employee records are up to date and correct including phone numbers and bank details. Here is a more extensive article with further information on the above. 

Here is some more extensive information on transferring money internationally and paying salaries to people currently based in Ukraine. Transferwise has recently removed all fees for transfers being made to Ukraine and allows Ukrainian people to set up accounts. There is also information on Employer Matching Programs. 

We can’t solve the overarching issue individually, but helping to support the local people of Ukraine with employment opportunities, whether that be through relocation or remotely, and keeping payrolls open can hopefully ease this stressful time. 

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