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News & insights · 5 min read

JOIN has a new look

By Frans Lelivelt · Published on

Six years ago, we started JOIN with a straightforward mission: Democratising talent attraction and making great recruiting software available for all businesses. We want to help businesses thrive, get access to great talent, and fight the impact of demographic change — often for free.

Today, over 100,000 companies of all sizes are working and recruiting with us. Thank you for your continuous support and trust in our product.

Today, we’re excited to announce the launch of our redesigned website. A clean and modern design that showcases all of our product features and allows all businesses and users to quickly understand how we can support their recruiting efforts. 

Plus, in addition to our website overhaul, we’ve also made some exciting new changes inside the JOIN software that we’re sure you’ll love!

Our journey so far

If you’ve been following us for a while, you’ll know this is not the first time we’ve given our website a makeover.

We initially launched join.com in a bright, baby-blue colour. Soon, we realised it didn’t have the look and feel we were aiming for. It would take us a few more iterations to finally land on the website design that has characterised the JOIN brand since the start of 2021.

But a lot has changed since then.

Earlier this year, we hit the 100,000 customer mark and users have received over 30 million applications through JOIN. A milestone we barely believed possible before. And it’s not just our user base that grew; our product also did.

We decided to overhaul our website to better represent and showcase our full product offering. From new features (like our sourcing extension) to recently improved features (like our now AI-assisted job ad builder). This way, we make our value proposition more transparent to all businesses and recruiters and provide a smooth experience. We hope you like it!

So what’s new?

For starters, all our software’s main features are now listed in our site’s top menu, and each has a dedicated page that clearly and transparently explains what the feature does. This new structure aims to give you and any new visitor a better overview of all the solutions JOIN offers.

Moreover, we’ve also greatly improved what’s under the hood. The new tech setup ensures faster load times and better responsiveness on all devices, strongly improving the on-page experience for our users.

With this complete redesign, we believe our brand has reached the next level, having come a long way since those baby blue beginnings back in 2018.

As a bonus, we also upgraded many of our great in-product features — from the hiring pipeline and improved candidate communication, to the main dashboard and the JOIN Store. For example, the dashboard now contains an analytics section with insights on the customer’s job ads’ performance. Plus, we’ve got several more releases coming up real soon!

Looking ahead

We’re committed to continuing to ensure a seamless recruiting experience for our customers as our software helps them grow their team — one great hire at a time. This revamp marks the next exciting phase in our journey, and we hope you’ll JOIN us and our 100,000 customers for what’s to come.

And with Summer heating up, now is the time to stay ahead of your competitors and find your next great talent. After all, hiring in Summer allows you to tap into a less competitive job market, take advantage of candidates’ availability for interviews, and find relocation-ready talent, ensuring a smooth and efficient recruiting process.

So start using our new features, stay tuned for what’s next, and create your free JOIN account today!

PS: A message to our Dutch customers

To support more businesses globally, we will continue to offer our product in Dutch, but our new website will not be available in this language. Customers can still use our solutions to post job ads on Dutch job boards and use JOIN to hire the best talent in the Netherlands.

Frans Lelivelt

Frans Lelivelt

Frans is JOIN's multilingual Senior Content Manager. His main topic of interest in the recruitment space is DEI and how companies can reduce their (unconscious) biases to make the world of work a fairer, kinder place for everyone. Outside of work, he tries to do the same for animals, spending much of his spare time in the kitchen preparing plant-based feasts.

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