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01.11.2022 Talent acquisition

The 5 best German job sites to post jobs to in 2023

The 5 best German job sites to post jobs to in 2023

If you’re hiring for a role in Germany for the first time you might not know which German job sites to post your role to. Luckily, at JOIN we know all the best German job sites and portals, so we can help!

From free German job sites that can help you hire in Europe’s largest economy on a budget to niche German job portals that’ll give you access to specialist talent, we have something for every business.

Below, we list some of the best job sites, portals, and places to try out social recruiting with a focus on German talent. Check them out to help beat Germany’s labour shortage, and get your German recruiting strategy off to a flying start.

5 best German job sites in 2023

All these job boards offer completely free job posting solutions for employers, meaning that you can start recruiting talent straight away, regardless of your budget.


XING has 19 million members, with their main user base being located in the DACH countries (Germany, Austria, and Switzerland). This means it’s the perfect place to post your German job ad, to reach a huge amount of German-speaking talent.

As it is a generalist German job site, it’s the perfect place to post any type of job. And the best part is you can post jobs for free on XING using JOIN, meaning you can reach this wide audience on even the tightest of budgets.

XING job posting

2. StepStone

While not limited to German users, StepStone is one of the most widely used job sites in Europe. As a result, there’s a massive number of German-speaking skilled individuals seeking new roles on StepStone.

As another generalist job site, with over 67 million visits a month, it is the perfect place to post your German job vacancies of any type and receive a huge number of applications.

StepStone job posting

3. Arbeitnow

While Arbeitnow is Berlin-based, it is a German job portal which posts roles from all over the country and even the wider European market. There are also a growing number of remote roles seen on the platform.

Arbeitnow is a popular German job site choice for tech and design jobs, meaning it is the perfect site for anyone looking to hire German talent working in these areas. However, it is still considered a generalist job site.

The job board receives over 117,000 monthly visits and is one of JOIN’s favourite free job boards, so it’s perfect for recruiting on a budget!

Arbeitnow job posting

4. Berlin Startup Jobs

Berlin Startup Jobs is a little more niche than the other sites on this list, as it is primarily focused on roles available in start-ups based in the German capital of Berlin.

However, this makes it the ideal niche job board for those looking to hire in this competitive and desirable market! Berlin Startup Jobs is popular with candidates of all experience levels and therefore is a must-not-miss site for those looking to expand their start-up.

Berlin Startup Jobs job posting

5. Startup Sucht

Looking to hire for a start-up, but not based in the capital? You won’t be left behind. Startup Sucht, just like Berlin Startup Jobs, is a German job site focused on start-up roles all across the DACH region.

This German job portal gets over 1,000 visits per week, and these visits are all from individuals looking to work in a start-up, so it’s the perfect place to find driven individuals who can add to your business.

Startup Sucht job posting

How to post your job to German job sites

To post to these sites, you can create an account on each site and write your great job ad manually. Or, you can save time and effort with a recruitment automation tool like JOIN!

Using JOIN, you can write your job ad once and then post it across all of these websites with just one click. Then all your applicants will be saved in one place in our handy ATS, too!

Multiposting your job ad will not only increase your reach, but it will help to reach a more diverse pool of applicants too, as you won’t be counting on the visitors from just one job board.

What else can help you hire in Germany?

If you’re hiring for the first time in Germany, you might benefit from some tips for recruiting internationally. The following articles can help you:

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