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XING is one of the most trusted and popular professional social networking platforms in the DACH region. Besides providing job seekers with a variety of listings, XING is a place where users can grow their professional networks. So besides reaching active candidates, your ads have the potential to also reach passive talent who might not be looking for a job, but are open to new opportunities. Post your position on XING with its premium onlyfy products to boost your reach.

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Advantages and disadvantages of XING

Is hiring through XING the right fit for your organization? Take a look at some pros and cons of posting your job to XING:


  • Automatically shares your job posts on the entry page of relevant candidates, extending your reach to passive candidates
  • Easy to use and filter job searches by keywords, work experience, industry, and even employee benefits.
  • Ability to target regional and local talent, users can even filter their job searches down to zip code
  • Personal connections to your company are shown when your job ad is clicked
  • Directly post to your XING company profile by connecting your account in JOIN
  • Candidates can create up to 5 email alerts notifying them of newly posted jobs matching their search criteria.
  • With XING Jobs app, candidates can search jobs on the go
  • Very strong reach in German-speaking market


  • Not as effective for targeting candidates outside the DACH region.
  • Harder to reach English-speaking talent as German is the favored language

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Trusted by over 100,000 companies worldwide

  • Source and attract top talent

    Craft perfect job ads, get your own custom career page, and multipost your job ad on hundreds of job boards.

  • Screen and interview your candidates

    Create custom assessments, collaborate with hiring scorecards, and schedule interviews effortlessly.

  • Manage and track all in one tool

    Track incoming applications, centralise communication with candidates and your team, and enjoy smart automations and integrations.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, if you have entered your company profile link into JOIN. You can check if you have entered the correct link to your XING company profile by going to the menu section “Company” in your dashboard and then clicking on “External Profiles”.

Promoted job ads will be live for 30 days.

Your job posts will be displayed on the Jobs and Careers section on XING. Using an advanced job recommendation system, your jobs will also be automatically shared with XING members who match your criteria via posts on their entry page, and thus giving your job vacancies the outreach to attract passive candidates, too. You can automatically post your job to your XING Company Profile by connecting your profile in JOIN.

Anyone who visits XING can see your job ads, including users who do not have an account. However, to apply for a job, users must have an account.

Yes, posting job ads is not restricted to the DACH region. Although German speakers comprise its target market, XING is used by professionals in 200 countries and is available in 12 languages.

In JOIN, you can easily track the number of applications you receive from XING and use the data insights we provide to evaluate if the platform delivers the right results for your recruiting and hiring goals.