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08.02.2024 Talent acquisition

Is XING better than Arbeitnow or vice versa? A Detailed Comparison for Recruiters

Is XING better than Arbeitnow or vice versa? A Detailed Comparison for Recruiters

Puzzled about whether XING or Arbeitnow better suits your recruitment strategy? This detailed analysis will delve into the specifics of both platforms, addressing questions like “Is XING better than Arbeitnow?”, “Which is better, XING or Arbeitnow?” and “XING vs Arbeitnow market share”. We aim to provide a thorough insight, enabling you to make an informed choice that complements your recruitment objectives.

At a glance: XING vs Arbeitnow

When considering “XING or Arbeitnow”, it’s crucial to understand their fundamental attributes and how they align with your recruitment needs.


XING, well-established in the European market, particularly in German-speaking countries, offers a unique blend of professional networking and job board functions. This platform is renowned for its extensive reach across various industries, appealing to a broad spectrum of professionals.

XING job posting


Arbeitnow, with a focus on the tech industry, has carved a niche for itself. It’s known for its user-friendly interface and specialised job listings, targeting tech professionals and start-ups, primarily in Europe.

Arbeitnow job posting

The main differences between XING and Arbeitnow

Feature XING Arbeitnow
Free job posting option: Limited availability Offers several free job postings
Cost for premium posts: Various pricing tiers Competitive pricing for premium services
Reach: Broad, especially in German-speaking areas Focused mainly on the European tech sector
Target group: Wide range across industries Tech professionals and start-ups
Ease of use: User-friendly, with numerous features Extremely user-friendly, focused interface
Free trial: Offers a limited free trial Provides a free trial period for new users
Customer support: Well-regarded customer service Known for responsive and effective support
Unique feature: Combines job board with professional networking Specialised in tech job listings

Where to find the best candidates: XING vs Arbeitnow

Who can I reach on XING?

For recruiters pondering “XING or Arbeitnow”, XING’s strength lies in its wide-ranging industry reach and established presence in the German-speaking market. You can tap into:

  1. A diverse pool of candidates from various sectors.
  2. Both passive and active job seekers.
  3. Professional networking opportunities.
  4. High visibility in German-speaking regions.
  5. A mix of experienced and entry-level professionals.

XING’s highlights:

  1. Extensive industry reach.
  2. A combination of job board and networking platform.
  3. Strong presence in German-speaking markets.
  4. Varied premium posting options.
  5. Regular promotions and discount offers.
  6. Reliable customer support.
  7. Broad audience appeal.

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Who can I reach on Arbeitnow?

Arbeitnow, catering to “XING or Arbeitnow” queries, is your choice for a niche, tech-focused audience in Europe.

It features:

  1. Specialisation in tech industry roles.
  2. Strong appeal to start-ups and tech companies.
  3. A growing base of dedicated, tech-savvy professionals.
  4. Emphasis on European tech job market.
  5. User-centric platform design for easy job posting and searching.

Arbeitnow’s highlights:

  1. Targeted towards tech professionals.
  2. Simplified, intuitive interface.
  3. Competitive edge in tech recruitment.
  4. Expansion in the European market.
  5. Free posting options for greater accessibility.
  6. No-fuss approach to job listings.
  7. Committed customer support team.

XING and Arbeitnow: Which is the best online platform for your company?

The debate of “Is Arbeitnow better than XING?” or “Which is better, XING or Arbeitnow?” ultimately depends on your recruitment goals. XING offers a broad, industry-spanning reach with a strong emphasis on professional networking, which is particularly beneficial in German-speaking regions. Arbeitnow, on the other hand, is tailored for the tech industry, providing a focused, user-friendly platform for tech recruitment in Europe.

Consider factors such as target audience, industry focus, and geographical reach when choosing between these platforms. While XING provides a broad network and diverse candidate pool, Arbeitnow offers specialised engagement within the tech sector.

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Alternatives to XING and Arbeitnow

  1. LinkedIn – Global reach with diverse industry representation.
  2. Indeed – Extensive database with varied job listings worldwide.
  3. Monster – Wide-ranging job listings and substantial candidate database.
  4. Glassdoor – Insights into companies with job postings.
  5. StepStone – Strong presence in European job markets.

In conclusion, the choice between XING and Arbeitnow should be guided by your specific recruitment needs and target demographic. Each platform has its unique strengths, whether it’s XING’s broad reach and networking capabilities or Arbeitnow’s tech industry focus and European market presence.

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