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JOIN is the platform for you to reach out to the best candidates for your open positions. It’s super simple and we promise you will get results within a day.

Build beautiful and compelling job ads

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Manage candidates effectively

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How it works

With JOIN, it's easy to create job ads, get candidate traffic and manage incoming applications.

Create an awesome job post with ease

Tell us who you want to hire. Fill in a few details in our simple step-by-step form about who you want to hire and what you are looking for exactly. If you get stuck, no problem, we can help you via chat or e-mail.

Post your jobs automatically to all free platforms

With a single click, our powerful technology sends your jobs to 25+ job sites across the web and shows them to the best relevant candidates.

Receive applications from multiple job boards

Job applicants can find your jobs on all relevant job sites and apply directly to you. 80% of employers who post over JOIN get applicants within the first 24 hours.

As soon as interested candidates apply with their résumés, you will be notified by e-mail.

Review your applications and communicate with candidates directly

Check candidates' résumés and profiles, motivation letters, pre-screening answers, team recommendations and much more – all in our easy-to-use mini recruiting suite.

Hire the right candidate

Use our simple and effective web and mobile recruiting tools to stay organized with your team, contact candidates and schedule interviews easily. You will have unlimited full access to every applicant’s contact details, profile and resume. Try it out today and use it for free. Hiring has never been easier.

We help companies get the best out of their job ads

We used to create PDFs in InDesign and it was a lot of work to just create 8 of them, let alone post. With JOIN, this is now a 1 minute per job thing.
I was surprised that so many free possibilities exist and we weren’t using our jobs’ full potential. With JOIN, jobs are instantly indexed on all free job platforms and we get candidates in a few hours.
We used to work with Excel and e-mail, and lost track of applications. With JOIN, these chaotic times have come to an end.

You're in good company!

More than 1.000 companies trust JOIN to grow their teams.

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