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Great companies are made by
great people

We deeply believe that a company’s success is rooted in its people. That’s why we help thousands of companies attract, manage, and hire their next great talent in a smart way.

Our mission

Making perfect hiring the new normal

We had the vision to make recruiting and hiring as easy as managing any other business workflow: streamlined, transparent, collaborative, and fun.

As we couldn't find anything on the market that checked those boxes, we decided to build our own recruiting software.

Our tool is easy to set up, works within a few minutes, and scales along with the needs of every business.

Recruiting is powerful

We believe that recruiting is the most powerful tool to successfully build your company, and that attracting the right talent is vital.

That's why we’re helping make the process as streamlined and cost-efficient as possible.

Built with people at its core

Attracting the right talent to scale your business becomes more complex every day.

It not only requires a lot of time but also involves a lot of repetitive and manual tasks.

With JOIN’s technology and data, you can focus on what matters most - connecting with people to build a better business.

We want to reduce inefficiencies

We founded JOIN in 2018 out of our own frustrations with expensive and inefficient recruiting tools and job boards.

Annoyed by the lack of tools available, we knew there was a better and simpler way to recruit talent at scale.

Why post job ads on multiple platforms manually and wade through endless screens when you could do it all with one click?

Create memorable experiences. Provide a state-of-the-art candidate experience to attract the very best talent.

Connect great people. Companies should easily be able to find people who are ready to make an impact.

Make hiring easy, fast, and fun Hiring is about building connections with people - it shouldn’t be about emails and spreadsheets.

Sound intriguing?

If you’re excited about our mission to rethink and reshape the future of hiring, JOIN us!



We started four years ago and are already the fastest growing HR tech startup in Europe.


Incredible human beings on a mission to change the recruiting landscape.


Companies that are now recruiting the smart way with JOIN.


Jobs posted with our software


Applications sent through our software - every day!

Meet the team

At JOIN, we provide the only freemium tool on the market that combines the functionalities of both Talent Acquisition Software and an Applicant Tracking System. We help SMEs and recruiters alike to hire smarter, faster, and more cost-efficiently.

Hier sehen Sie Tim Ruffner, der als CEO bei der Solutions AG arbeitet

Tim Ruffner

Chief Executive Officer

Tim mainly focuses on the company strategy, product vision, and special growth projects for JOIN to enable a brighter future for customers and employees alike.

Kerim VP of engineering at JOIN

Kerim Incedayi

VP of Engineering

Kerim runs the engineering infrastructure of JOIN and makes sure that our software is always available, secure, and high-performing.

Hier sehen Sie Adriane Nolte. Sie arbeitet als Head of Business and Finance bei der Join Solutions AG

Adriane Nolte

Head of BI

Adriane crunches many numbers to help us make data-driven and intelligent decisions that will lead JOIN to a better future.


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Our DNA. As our company continues to evolve and grow, these four values stay embedded in our DNA.


We keep our customers at the centre of everything we do, and work hard to understand their deepest needs and focus on their long-term success. We sweep them off their feet by exceeding their expectations and exciting them to hire.


We welcome change and think two steps ahead of the curve to meet the high standards we set for ourselves. We're working to build something meaningful and lasting and are not afraid to take risks to develop our product further.

Innovative minds

We relentlessly innovate and advance our tools, services, and organisation while taking ownership and maximising impact with grit. We don't stay still, and we strive to improve ourselves to the best of our abilities.

Collaboration experts

We're hyper-ambitious and share our passion, time, and enthusiasm with each other. Communication is key: we share knowledge and give continuous feedback because we believe in winning together.

Small businesses? Check.
Enterprises? Check.

We work with companies of all sizes to democratise the hiring process.

Our Offices

We pride ourselves in having created an environment where people excel – part of that are our offices.

Currently, we are located in four countries: Switzerland, Germany, Poland and Ukraine.
Some of our staff work remotely, but our work centers around the teams in these primary locations.

Pfäffikon, Switzerland

Eichenstrasse 2
8808 Pfäffikon SZ (Schwyz)

Berlin, Germany

Schönhauser Allee 36
10435 Berlin

Poznan, Poland

Goralska, 2
60-623 Poznan

Kiev, Ukraine

BC Senator, Moskovska St 32/2
02000 Kyiv

Our Offices

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