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20.04.2023 Talent acquisition

The 5 best job sites in Spain (free and premium)

The 5 best job sites in Spain (free and premium)

Are you looking for Spanish personnel? Or perhaps to find a job seeker to hire for your Spain-based company? Then you need to know the right places to search for them. In come Spanish job portals. Below, we walk you through the 5 best job sites in Spain to find and attract top talent.

If you’re looking to source top talent in Spain, online job boards are a great starting point. And Spain has a vast collection of job boards, each with its own unique features and benefits. But if you’re not known in the market, or you don’t speak Spanish, finding the best job portal for you might be tricky.

So to help you make the right decision and maximise your hiring resources, we’ve compiled this list of the 5 best job sites in Spain. Each of the job websites on this list, containing both premium and free Spanish job boards, offers its own benefits.

We’ll also give you a few tips on overcoming some of the common challenges that you might face while starting your search. Ready to find the best choice for you?

Challenges of finding the right talent in Spain

Spain is the fourth-largest economy in the European Union in 2024, offering many opportunities for businesses looking to hire global talent or expand into new territories. But despite its impressive size, the Spanish job market can be challenging when trying to attract the right talent.

Effect of the market on job sites in Spain

For example, even though Spain, as of February 2023, holds the highest unemployment rate in the entire European Union, the market simultaneously still suffers from labour shortages above the global average.

The result is a tight job market in some sectors and professions but an overcrowded market in others. And that will be reflected on the Spanish job portals to which you plan to publish your job ad. This means that the best job board in Spain for your needs will strongly depend on the type of role you’re trying to fill.

A solution here is to use niche job boards (see our list below) that increase your chances of targeting the best candidates for the job, without your ad being flooded by unqualified candidates desperately looking for employment.

Also check out our full list of the best job boards for employers in 2024!

Language and location

Since you’re reading this article, chances are you are either not based in Spain yourself or you are but don’t speak Spanish (or both). Both of these points can make it difficult to determine which of the Spanish job sites out there are actually the best for your hiring needs.

For example, fully Spanish-speaking job sites might be difficult to navigate if you don’t know the language. And just focusing on English-speaking, international job platforms (like some of these remote job boards) might mean you’re not reaching the best Spanish talent for your role.

Instead, a great approach is to diversify your strategy and not just focus on one (general) job board. For example, you can use a free recruiting software solution (like JOIN) that contains a multiposting feature. This allows you to publish your job ad on a bunch of different platforms at the same time.

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The top 5 best job sites in Spain in 2024

Now you know a bit more about some challenges you might face when recruiting fresh talent on employment websites in Spain.

Next, let’s have a closer look at 5 of the best and most popular job boards you can post your ads to. From Madrid to Barcelona to the Balearic Islands, get ready to find your new hire!

1. Infojobs

Infojobs is one of the most popular job boards in Spain, with millions of registered job seekers. The platform is a generalist job site, meaning you can find candidates who search for jobs in practically any type of industry or profession. With JOIN, you can enjoy Infojobs’ premium job ad placement at a hefty discount.

Post your job to Infojobs

2. Tecnoempleo

Tecnoempleo is a niche employment website focused on tech talent attraction, and it is one of the most popular websites to find tech talent in Spain. This means that if you want to attract job seekers for Technology and IT jobs, Tecnoempleo is probably the right place for you!

Post your job to Tecnoempleo

3. LinkedIn

Although not specifically a Spanish job board, LinkedIn is a prime player in the Spanish job site market. LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional networking platform that’s not only a job portal, but also a social network where employees and employers can connect.

The platform has over 15 million users in Spain, making it a valuable resource for finding top talent. Posting to LinkedIn means you can enjoy maximum exposure for your job ads.

Post your job to LinkedIn

4. Indeed

Another behemoth in the job market. Indeed is a global job website and, as the largest job board in the world, one of the best spots to place your job offers.

Bear in mind that this is a generalist job board, so expect high reach yet also a high chance of unqualified candidates applying. Nevertheless, for many companies, Indeed remains an invaluable part of their talent attraction strategy.

Post your job to Indeed

5. Infoempleo

The last item on our list of the best job boards in Spain is Infoempleo. Infoempleo is one of the most popular online portals for finding talent in Spain, with over 7 million registered job seekers.

The platform also offers a section for international jobs, meaning that if your company is based outside of Spain, you can post your job ad to this section to attract Spanish talent.

Post your job to Infoempleo

Targeting Spanish talent and beyond

Using the websites listed above will help improve your chances of finding and hiring the right person for your open role. Depending on your hiring needs (and the urgency), you can decide to publish your opening to one site first to test the waters before trying out other job search sites.

Alternatively, you can use a recruitment tool (like an applicant tracking system with multiposting functionality) to directly post your ad to multiple job boards with just one click. This will help you speed up your talent attraction process as you can instantly reach millions more candidates than if you would use each job board one by one.

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Further helpful resources to recruit abroad

Is your company expanding further than just Spain? Or are you already operating in other countries, such as Germany or the Netherlands? Then be sure also to check out our other job board-related articles below:

Or read our in-depth guide on how to hire international employees.

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