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18.04.2023 Talent acquisition

The 5 best job sites in the Netherlands to find top talent in 2024

The 5 best job sites in the Netherlands to find top talent in 2024

If your company is based in the Netherlands, or you’re looking for Dutch-speaking employees for your international business, you need to know the right job sites in the Netherlands to post your job opening to. That’s where this article comes in.

Posting your job ad to the right job boards can help you speed up your talent attraction efforts. But when it comes to international recruitment (or recruiting in different languages), finding those top job sites can be a bit more tricky. Luckily, we can help!

Here at JOIN, we specialise in job board recruitment across Europe, including the Netherlands. With our free recruiting software, we help companies across the globe find local and international candidates more effectively through easy job ad multiposting across the best job sites in the Netherlands, Germany, and many other countries.

From generalist Dutch job sites to specialist niche job portals, to international job portals in the Netherlands. In this blog post, we’ll go through the 5 best job sites in the Netherlands to find top talent. Let’s dive in!

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5 best job sites in the Netherlands in 2024

We’ve included both premium and free job posting sites in the Netherlands, so you can even find top Dutch talent on a budget. Below are 5 of the top Dutch job boards on the web that will help you find and hire talent faster.

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Werk.nl is a government job board as it is managed by the Employee Insurance Agency (UWV), a Dutch governmental organisation. It’s an excellent platform for employers looking to hire in the Netherlands.

Werk.nl is a free Dutch job site, which means you can try out this job posting site even on a small budget. As a generalist job search engine, the platform helps employers and job seekers from across the job market connect with each other and is filled with thousands of talented professionals looking to find a job in the Netherlands.

Easily post jobs to the platform yourself by creating an account or post to multiple job boards, like Werk.nl and the others listed below, at the same time with a multiposting solution like JOIN.

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Nationale Vacaturebank

Nationale Vacaturebank is one of the largest and best job sites in the Netherlands. Their website has been chosen as the “Most Popular Job Site in the Netherlands” by the Website of the Year elections for ten years in a row.

This generalist job portal in the Netherlands has a vast database of job listings across various industries and job functions. With 2.1 million monthly visits and 1 million CVs, this portal gives you access to a large talent pool of Dutch professionals.

Regardless of the talent you are looking for, chances are you can find your next hire on Nationale Vacaturebank. Employers can easily post and promote their job vacancies to attract the right professionals for their open roles.

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LinkedIn is currently the world’s largest professional networking site. According to LinkedIn’s own user statistics as of 2023, the site has over 900 million members worldwide, spread across over 200 countries and territories.

Although a global rather than a specifically Dutch job board, the platform is often – just like in most countries in the EU and the rest of the world – an invaluable resource when you are looking for a qualified candidate.

Aside from free job listings, LinkedIn also offers a paid service that allows you to further and more effectively promote your job postings and reach a wider audience. When using JOIN, you can enjoy special discounts and buy job board bundles to save money and get the best bang for your buck.

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Whereas LinkedIn is the largest professional network, Indeed is the largest job board in the world. The job site reports over 300 million unique visitors worldwide every month across more than 60 countries, including the Netherlands.

Indeed is another generalist job site, which means you can find and attract talented people for any type of role or industry. Due to the size of Indeed, this site offers some of the highest possible reach for your Dutch job ads.

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Jobs in IT

The last Dutch job portal on our list is Jobs in IT. Part of JobsinNetwork.com, this job platform specifically focuses on English-speaking IT professionals looking for their next challenge in a technology-related role.

This niche job portal is particularly useful for international companies looking to attract IT talent from anywhere in the world. You will be able to reach a large community of English-speaking expats. With JOIN, you can promote your ads on this portal with unique discounts of over 30%!

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Tips for posting your ad to Dutch job sites

The list above contains both generalist and niche job boards. And that’s one of the first things to be aware of when planning to place your advertisement.

Large generalist sites, such as LinkedIn or Indeed, will give you high visibility and reach as their sites have millions of visitors every month. But this also means reaching the most qualified, specialised talent can be difficult, as your ad might reach many unqualified candidates instead.

Niche job boards like Jobs in It (mentioned above), on the other hand, are focused on one specific industry or area of expertise. This means that all the potential candidates your ad might reach are much more likely to be qualified candidates for the role. You will likely reach fewer people than on generalist sites, but you’re more likely to reach the right people.

Often, recruiters decide to use a mix of both generalist and niche platforms to maximise their reach and tap into several talent pools at once. This way, they increase their chances to find a job seeker suitable for their open position.

Now, posting your ad to Dutch job sites is easy and straightforward. You can create an account on one of the job ad portals mentioned above, build your job ad, and post it to the portal of choice. As such, you can create accounts for each of these sites to distribute your ad across different sites.

Alternatively, you can save time and effort by using a multiposting tool. A multiposting tool allows you to post your job to many job portals simultaneously, saving you time and reaching a broader audience.

For example, with JOIN, you can easily multipost your job ad to 10+ free and 100+ premium job portals across Europe, including dozens in the Netherlands!

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Further helpful resources to find job seekers in the Netherlands and beyond

The best job sites in Netherlands listed above will hopefully help you in your search for top Dutch talent. Do you need more help to find, attract, and hire the right job seekers for your business?

Whether you’re a seasoned recruiter or a new-time hiring manager, we have a bunch of useful resources containing expert tips to help you recruit faster and more efficiently:

More job-site resources to better recruit in the Netherlands and other countries

Are you specifically looking for further information on international recruitment? Or perhaps you’re just looking for general job-board recruiting tips? No problem!

We’ve written multiple dedicated articles to help you further improve your game. Here’s our top 5:

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