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24.05.2023 Talent acquisition

The best tools to start your recruitment in 2024

The best tools to start your recruitment in 2024


If you’re looking to kickstart your recruitment this year, you’re probably on the search for the top recruitment tools to make this an easier task.

Here at JOIN, we’ve got a high level of expertise when it comes to the top recruitment tools on the market. And as a growing company, we know exactly what it takes to recruit top talent during uncertain times, too!

So, we’ve combined these two areas of knowledge and put together a list of the best recruitment tools you can use to kickstart your recruitment in 2024.


JOIN is a leading applicant tracking system (ATS), recruitment tool, and talent acquisition software (if we do say so ourselves!)

JOIN’s powerful recruitment tool makes it easier to post your job advertisement to multiple relevant job boards, including niche job boards you may not know! This is perfect for teams just starting to expand, as it means you cut out the competition on larger job boards, and get your name out to talent who may not have heard of you before.

As well as this, you can contact candidates directly inside of the JOIN tool, and work collaboratively with your team when hiring. This is great if you’re just starting out with a recruitment process, as it means nothing slips through the cracks!

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Kenjo is a comprehensive HR tool appropriate for hiring, HR administration, and staff development. Kenjo uses automation and digitisation to cut down on the time taken up by laborious HR operations. Kenjo also supports the development of a positive workplace culture that improves business results.

This HR tool is essential for businesses kicking off their recruitment journey, as it assists with tasks like onboarding and offboarding, organising employee time off, shift planning, pulse surveys, and team feedback.

Therefore, Kenjo makes managing your employer branding that little bit easier, perfect for improving this metric in time for a year of growth and hiring!

JOIN and Kenjo integration

Did you know you can integrate JOIN and Kenjo?

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Personio is an HR software for small and medium-sized companies. It’s the perfect choice for organisations with between 10 and 2,000 employees. It simplifies core HR processes, including payroll, meaning you’re all set to impress any employees you bring on when recruiting in 2024!

People Workflow Automation, a new category of HR software launched by Personio, ensures cross-departmental, automated procedures and seamless integrations. Therefore, there will be no teething problems when you bring on your new hires.

Personio also maintains all personnel data and private documents, as well as helping you manage onboarding processes, absences and much more. So, even if you have quite a small HR team, you’re ready to grow.

JOIN and Personio integration

Did you know you can integrate JOIN and Personio?

Find out more here


Kununu is Europe’s leading platform for employer reviews, salary information, and reviews on culture within a company. This is the perfect way to show prospective employees what your company is actually like, which is essential if you’re looking to grow in 2024.

Using Kununu means your prospective hires can browse anonymous employer reviews on Kununu from employees, candidates, and apprentices, which will help to build trust in your business.

And, Kununu isn’t just for candidates. Businesses themselves can benefit from using Kununu to attract new hires and highlight their advantages to job seekers.

JOIN and Kununu integration

Did you know you can integrate JOIN and Kununu?

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If you’re not already using LinkedIn, now is the time to get your business profile up and running before starting your 2024 recruitment journey.

LinkedIn is the most popular social media platform for businesses, meaning if you’re not active on there you’re missing out on exponential exposure to potential hires. With millions of active members all across the world, you’re sure to be able to reach relevant candidates, whatever the role.

Not only can you post already open positions on LinkedIn, but you have a shot at attracting passive candidates who may be open to new opportunities. In short, the talent may come to you!

JOIN and LinkedIn integration

Did you know you can integrate JOIN and LinkedIn?

Find out more here

How else can I attract talent?

If you want more tips on bringing talent on board in the new year and beyond, you’re in the right place.

Our JOIN Recruitment and HR blog has a whole section dedicated to talent attraction and acquisition. Check out this category to learn some new tips and tricks: Talent acquisition articles. For example, you can learn about alternative (tech) talent attraction tactics like running a hackathon at your company!

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