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11.03.2024 Talent acquisition

Best UK job sites for employers in 2024

Not sure what’s the best UK job site for your hiring needs? Below, we give you a quick overview of 10 of the best job sites in the UK for employers to post their job ads to in 2024.

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10 best UK job sites for employers

This list contains some of the most popular job boards in the United Kingdom. We’ve included free and paid job boards so you know where to start publishing, regardless of your budget.

So let’s jump in!

Note that after the list, we’ll share more resources and tips on posting job ads and picking the best UK job board that you might find useful.

1. Indeed

Indeed is a global behemoth in the recruitment space. They offer an expansive platform for UK employers to post job listings and search through millions of CVs.

Its simplicity and powerful search algorithm make it a go-to for many businesses. You can easily publish targeted postings and access a vast pool of candidates from various industries.

Recently, they changed their pricing model from cost-per-click (CPC) to a new pay-per-application (PPA) model. This way, you only pay for quality applicants.

Indeed also provides analytics on job posting performance and competitive salaries, helping employers make informed decisions.

Indeed job posting

2. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is more than just a professional networking site. It’s a massive platform for sourcing top candidates!

For UK employers, LinkedIn offers a unique blend of job postings, employer branding, and networking opportunities. Its rich data on candidates’ employment history, skills, and professional connections allows for a deeper insight into potential hires.

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Moreover, LinkedIn’s targeted advertising and recruiter tools enable precise outreach to both active and passive candidates. This helps you more easily find the most qualified candidates.

LinkedIn job posting

3. Totaljobs

Totaljobs, a leading job board in the UK, provides access to a wide and diverse candidate pool. This is partly thanks to its partnership with Jobsite. This collaboration increases the reach of your job postings across multiple platforms, maximising visibility among job seekers.

Totaljobs also offers specialised recruitment solutions for different industry sectors. This helps you ensure that your vacancies only reach the most relevant audiences. Their suite of employer tools, including CV searches and job advert performance tracking, helps refine your recruitment strategies for better outcomes.

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4. Reed

Reed is known for its extensive database of CVs and a broad spectrum of job categories, making it a popular choice among UK employers.

Its user-friendly interface allows for easy posting of job vacancies and efficient application management. Reed also offers courses and career advice, adding value for both employers and job seekers.

For businesses, the platform’s ability to cater to a wide range of industries and its candidate-matching technology streamline the recruitment process.

5. Monster

Monster is a pioneer in the online recruitment industry, offering a range of services to employers in the UK. These include job postings, CV searches, and branding solutions.

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Its global reach and innovative tools, such as Monster Studios (which allows employers to create video job descriptions), set it apart. Monster’s focus on matching the right candidates with the right opportunities through advanced technology ensures employers receive applications from qualified job seekers.

Monster job posting

6. CV-Library

As the name suggests, CV-Library boasts one of the UK’s largest online CV databases. The site gives you access to over 14 million CVs.

Its comprehensive search tools allow for precise filtering, making it easier to find suitable candidates quickly. CV-Library also distributes your job adverts across its extensive network of partner sites, increasing the visibility of your postings.

The platform’s regular reports and analytics further help employers track their recruitment performance effectively.

7. Adzuna

Adzuna stands out for its job search engine technology, which aggregates listings from various sources. This means British employers benefit from extensive visibility for their job postings.

The site also offers some additional, unique tools. For example, the tool ValueMyCV can be a draw for job seekers and an interesting aspect for employers to understand the market value of potential candidates.

Adzuna’s data-driven insights into job market trends and salary information further make it a valuable resource for planning your recruitment strategy.

8. Talent.com

Talent.com, formerly known as Neuvoo, is an emerging job search aggregator that has quickly become popular among UK employers. It’s known for its cost-effective job posting options and large global reach.

It provides a straightforward platform for employers to post jobs, which are then distributed across a wide network, ensuring maximum exposure. The pay-per-click model used by Talent.com allows for budget-friendly recruitment campaigns, making it an attractive option for businesses of all sizes.

Talent.com job posting

9. Remotive

Remotive is a niche job board focusing on remote and flexible job opportunities, catering to the growing demand for such roles among today’s workforce.

For UK employers looking to tap into a global talent pool or offer remote working options, Remotive offers targeted visibility for your job listings. Its community of skilled professionals seeking remote work makes it a prime spot for finding candidates with the desired experience in remote collaboration and digital communication.

Remotive job posting

10. Jobrapido

Jobrapido is a job search engine that uses smart matching technology to connect employers with relevant candidates.

In the UK, it offers a unique proposition by not only posting your vacancies but also actively seeking out suitable candidates through its extensive database. This proactive approach ensures that your job openings are seen by job seekers who match your specified criteria.

This way, Jobrapido helps you streamline your talent acquisition process and improve the quality of your hires.

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How to choose the best job site in the UK for you

Finding the right job site can feel like a maze. But choosing the best one for your needs isn’t as tough as it seems. Here are a few pointers to keep in mind when picking a job site:

  • What role are you hiring for? Do you need to hire a project manager, a tech whizz, a top-tier exec, a savvy engineer, or a green-thumbed farmer? The best platform won’t be the same for all of these. There are job boards out there that cater exclusively to specific industries—these are your niche job boards. Focusing your efforts on such a specialised job board can strongly reduce your time-to-hire.
  • What’s your budget? If you’re a small startup with a tight budget, there are plenty of free job sites where you can post your openings without spending a penny. The same goes for if you’re hiring for more junior roles or internships. But investing in premium solutions might be the way to go if you need to hire more senior or specialised talent.
  • What’s your time frame? If you need to fill a position ASAP, posting a free ad on a generalist job board is probably not the best option. Instead, you’ll want to use a multiposting tool (like JOIN) to post to various job boards at once. In this case, you probably also want to consider paid promotion of your ads.
  • Where’s your ideal candidate hanging out? Sometimes, it’s all about location. And you can actually find job sites that focus on a specific area. This can make it easier to find someone who’s just right for your team, and right around the corner.

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