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Choosing the right recruitment partner: Monster vs. Indeed

By Editorial Team · Published on

Table of contents

Monster or Indeed – which job board fulfils your recruiting needs? This guide aims to dispel your doubts and answer questions such as “Is Indeed better than Monster?” and “Which is better, Indeed or Monster?”

We provide an overview of the strengths and weaknesses of both platforms, and shed light on the key differences between Indeed and Monster.

Whether you’re an experienced recruiter or just starting out, we’re here to help you navigate the unique features and offerings of these two prominent job boards, and to ensure you make the best choice for your recruitment needs.

Table of contents

At a glance: Monster vs Indeed


With a strong reputation in the recruiting industry, Monster is known for its specialised approach, which is particularly effective in specialist areas.

Monster Job Posting


As a global leader, Indeed’s extensive database and user-friendly interface make it a popular choice for recruiters in a variety of industries.

Indeed Job Posting

The main differences between Monster and Indeed

Free job posting option:Limited, but availableExtensive and widely accessible
Cost for premium posts:CompetitiveVaries, generally affordable
Reach:Strong in specialist areasGeneralist
Target group:Industry-specific talentsWide range of candidate profiles
Ease of use:Intuitive and user-friendlyExtremely easy to use
Free trial:Available for selected servicesAccess to basic functions without cost
Unique feature:Customised employer brandingExtensive resume database

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Where to find top talent – Monster or Indeed?

Who can I reach on Monster?

With a focus on specialised industries, Monster excels in connecting employers with targeted talent pools.

Highlights of Monster:

  • Advanced job-matching algorithms
  • Focused, industry-specific talent pools
  • Comprehensive tools for employer branding
  • Precise candidate recommendations
  • Strategic global and local market penetration
  • Engaging communication tools for candidates
  • Advanced search capabilities

Who can I reach on Indeed?

Indeed shines with its ability to reach a large and diverse candidate base suitable for all industries.

Highlights of Indeed:

  • Largest job seeker database worldwide
  • Extensive industry coverage
  • Simplified application process
  • Highly visible job listings
  • Insightful labour market analyses
  • Efficient applicant management system (ATS)
  • Seamless HR system integration

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Monster and Indeed: Which is the best online platform for your business?

When comparing the market share of Monster vs. Indeed, Indeed often leads in global presence. However, when considering “Is Monster better than Indeed?” or vice versa, it’s important to reflect on your specific recruiting needs. Here’s a breakdown of which platform might be better based on key considerations:

  1. Industry-Specific Recruiting::
    • Monster: Outstanding in targeting specialist audiences, Monster is the preferred choice for industries requiring specialised skills.
    • Indeed: Although Indeed covers a broad spectrum, its generalist approach might not always meet specific industry requirements.
  2. Budget Considerations:
    • Monster: Offers competitive pricing, making it a cost-effective option for targeted recruiting campaigns.
    • Indeed: With its variable pricing, Indeed can be more affordable for broader recruiting efforts.
  3. Ease of Integration:
    • Monster: Known for its user-friendly platform, Monster integrates well into various recruiting workflows.
    • Indeed: The simplicity and extensive API support of Indeed make it easy to integrate into most HR systems.
  4. Customer Support:
    • Monster: Provides excellent, dedicated support, particularly beneficial for customised recruiting strategies.
    • Indeed: With its 24/7 global support, Indeed is very reliable for ongoing recruiting needs.
  5. Market Reach and Visibility:
    • Monster: Ideal for penetrating niche areas and specialised talent pools.
    • Indeed: Its large, diverse candidate base ensures high visibility across multiple industries.

Your choice between Indeed or Monster should be influenced by your specific recruitment objectives and industry focus. Each platform boasts unique strengths, and grasping the differences between Monster and Indeed is key to choosing the most appropriate platform for your company’s needs.

In many instances, the optimal strategy may involve utilising both platforms concurrently to maximise your reach and attract a diverse candidate pool.

You could establish separate accounts on each platform and manually input your job descriptions and other requisite information to create your adverts. Once you have placed your adverts on both Monster and Indeed, you can assess the pricing solutions offered by each platform to determine if and how you wish to amplify the promotion of your adverts further.

Alternatively, you can use JOIN. With JOIN, you can craft your job advertisement once and post it on both Monster and Indeed simultaneously, benefiting from exclusive JOIN discounts and job board bundles. These can help you save on your sponsored job ads.

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Alternatives to Monster and Indeed

If you’re looking to explore beyond Monster and Indeed, here are five additional job boards to consider:

  1. StepStone
  2. LinkedIn
  3. XING
  4. Arbeitnow
  5. Talent.com

Choosing the right job board can significantly impact your recruitment success. Whether you opt for Monster vs Indeed or explore other platforms, ensure your choice aligns with your recruitment goal, and don’t forget to check out our multiposting solution.

Editorial Team

Editorial Team

JOIN's editorial team currently consists of Senior Content Manager Frans Lelivelt and Junior Content Manager Mia Worts. Together, they are responsible for the articles published on our Recruitment & HR Blog, as well as several other sections of our website (like our Glossary and our Job Description templates).

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