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06.01.2023 Talent acquisition

The 5 best Swiss job sites to post jobs to in 2024


If your business is setting up a base in Switzerland, or expanding existing operations in the country, you’re going to need to know some Swiss job sites.

Here at JOIN, we know job sites pretty well. And, conveniently, we’ve put together this list of some of the best job sites in Switzerland to help you make a strong start to your Swiss search.

From niche job sites that will help you find specific Swiss employees, to generalist Swiss job boards for maximum exposure for your job ad. Here is a list of sites to fill your role.

Also check out our full list of the best job boards for employers in 2024!

5 best Swiss job boards in 2024

All these job boards are operable in Switzerland, meaning posting to these sites will get your job ad in front of the right audience.

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1. JobUp.ch

JobUp is one of the best job sites available in Switzerland. Owned by JobCloud, whose collective sites bring in over 250k visitors every day and 72k job applications sent every week. In short, posting your Swiss job to JobUp will certainly secure you a wide audience.

JobUp.ch is active in many cities in Switzerland, such as Bern, Geneva, Fribourg, and Zurich. Meaning whichever Swiss area you’re interested in, JobUp.ch will have you covered! They also cover a huge range of professional industries, from administration to crafts, so whatever your niche, you’re free to post to this Swiss job site.

JobUp job posting

2. SwissDevJobs

SwissDevJobs is the perfect Switzerland job site for those looking to hire tech talent in the country. Specialising, unsurprising, in the field of engineering and development, you can post your engineering role of any level to SwissDevJobs, and instantly access a pool of concentrated talent.

SwissDevJobs is active in every region of Switzerland, from Geneva to Zurich. So wherever your base is, you’ll be able to find the talent to fill it! SwissDevJobs is also available in English, German, and French, to provide you with even more diversity.

SwissDevJobs job posting

3. Jobs.ch

Jobs.ch is one of the biggest job boards in Switzerland, with over 11k companies using the site. Every industry is covered on this Swiss job board, from sales to sport, so whatever your company provides you’re sure to find employees to help grow it!

Jobs.ch goes above and beyond with its service, too, allowing employer reviews to be left. This means that if your employer branding is up to scratch, you’ll be able to benefit even further from posting to Jobs.ch.

Jobs.ch job posting


If you’re looking for another niche job board, this time focused on medical personnel, Praxisstellen is the perfect Swiss job site for you.

Focused on medically trained and experienced medical staff, from all areas of the industry, Praxisstellen offers those looking to hire medical staff in Switzerland the perfect place to post. This Swiss job board has great reviews from big names in the medical field, so can be easily trusted with hiring these important positions.

Praxisstellen job posting

5. EU Remote jobs

EU Remote Jobs is an incredibly generalist job site, as it posts jobs from companies based all over Europe. However, this is the perfect site for hiring Swiss employees, if your business isn’t actually based in Switzerland.

EU Remote Jobs covers a huge range of industries, as long as the role can be performed remotely. Therefore, it is perfect for tech roles, sales roles, and administrative roles… or any role that can be performed without the need to be based in an office.

Since the site focuses on remote employees, applicants can be based anywhere in Switzerland, meaning you’re able to find employees from any part of the country.

EU Remote jobs

How to post your job to Swiss job sites

To post to these Swiss job sites, you could set up a profile on each site and write a great job ad manually. However, why not save time and effort with a handy recruitment automation tool like JOIN!

Using JOIN, you can write just one Swiss job ad for your open role, and then post it across all the mentioned Swiss job boards with just one click. Then any incoming applications will be collected and displayed within JOIN’s ATS, too!

Multiposting your job ad will not only increase your exposure, but it will help to reach a more diverse selection of Swiss candidates, meaning a wider array of talents too.

Job posting in Switzerland can get even more efficient with our AI Job ad builder. Check out our tutorial to find out how easy it is to create an AI generated job ad and multipost it to multiple job ads in minutes:

What else can help you hire in Switzerland?

Want more expert tips on how to attract talent in Switzerland? Or maybe you are looking to recruit a more diverse selection of candidates in 2024.

Whatever your hiring goals, we can help here too. Start by checking out our tips for recruiting internationally, here:

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