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01.06.2023 Talent acquisition

The best remote job sites to publish your job to in 2024

The best remote job sites to publish your job to in 2024

Since the start of the pandemic, remote work has significantly grown in popularity. Whereas remote working used to be only possible in a select few companies, it is now a solid part of today’s labour market. Is your company offering remote work as well? Then try publishing your next job ad on one of these remote job sites.

The number of companies that offer remote work (or at least hybrid work) will most likely continue to rise throughout 2024 and beyond, researchers predict.

After all, if the pandemic has taught us anything about the way we work, it’s that remote work is not only possible, but offers a lot of benefits for both employees and employers alike. So it’s understandable if your company, too, is now actively looking for remote employees to fill your job openings. But what is the best place to find remote workers?

Below, you can find a list of some of the best remote job sites in 2024. From job platforms solely dedicated to remote work to generalist job boards with a large remote talent pool. Let’s go!

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Top remote job sites to post your remote job to in 2024

Below are seven of our favourite job sites to find remote workers. Posting your job ad to any of these websites will strongly increase your chances of finding the perfect remote hire.

Note that remote job ads are often not the same as normal job ads. Find out more about the dos and don’ts of remote job ads!

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Next is Remotive, a job website completely dedicated to remote job postings. It is a community-driven remote job site that mainly focuses on startups and the tech industry.

Nevertheless, this international job board can also be used to promote non-technical remote roles as well. And with a community of over 30,000 remote candidates, it is definitely worth posting your job ad to!

Learn more about Remotive in the JOIN store.

EU Remote Jobs

Next up is EU Remote Jobs. This site is the largest job board dedicated to remote jobs across all European time zones.

If you’re looking to hire for a remote role, EU Remote Jobs can give you access to thousands of candidates who access the site every week.

Learn more about EU Remote Jobs in the JOIN store.


Based out of Berlin, Arbeitnow helps job seekers discover local, remote (hybrid & remote first), and 4-day work week jobs in Germany. It’s a great job board to promote fully remote jobs or jobs with similarly flexible working conditions.

Arbeitnow has built-in support for jobs that provide visa sponsorship and relocation assistance, helping companies attract great talent from all over the world.

Learn more about Arbeitnow in the JOIN store.

Remote Life

Staying in Germany, Remote Life is another German job site. This platform offers remote jobs for German-speaking applicants, which range from partial home office to remote worldwide.

An important component and the USP is to be the future pre-qualification of the applicants. Interested applicants fill out a remote job quiz, which asks for interests, strengths, and skills to work remotely through a scientific background. The results are then linked to the appropriate job.

Learn more about Remote Life in the JOIN store.


FlexJobs has been establishing itself as a trusted and friendly place for talent to find remote jobs since 2007, and now cover more than 50 career fields all around the world.

FlexJobs also provides support to talent, by ensuring that every job posted on their platform is researched and screened, and by providing career coaching, resume reviews, mock interviews and webinars.

Learn more about FlexJobs in the JOIN store.

We Work Remotely

First up is We Work Remotely (WWR). This is the largest remote job board in the world, with over 4.5 million visitors. By posting your job to this remote job site, you can tap into the biggest possible pool of remote professionals.

From Programming and Design to Marketing and Finance. We Work Remotely is the go-to job site for finding and attracting remote talent.

Learn more about We Work Remotely in the JOIN store.


Remotefront.io is another fully remote job board. Their goal is ambitious: To build the best remote job board website in the world.

They have a large selection of remote job categories to filter listings, including remote frontend jobs, remote graphics designer jobs, but also remote marketing jobs.

Learn more about remotefront.io in the JOIN store.

Hiring remote employees – skills to look for

If you’re searching for exceptional remote employees, there are some key skills and qualities that you should keep in mind and try to look for in your candidate. Here are the essential ones when hiring remote employees:

  • Self-motivation: Ideal remote employees are those who can work independently without constant supervision. Seek out candidates who’ve demonstrated initiative and problem-solving skills in their previous roles.
  • Communication skills: In a remote environment, communication is vital. You need individuals who can articulate their ideas clearly and are adept with various communication tools like email, video calls, and chat apps.
  • Time management: Without a typical office routine, your remote employees should be proficient at managing their own time. Look for evidence of their ability to meet deadlines and manage multiple responsibilities simultaneously.
  • Tech-savviness: As remote work relies heavily on technology, candidates should be comfortable with various software and be open to learning new tools. Their ability to troubleshoot minor tech issues will be a bonus.
  • Reliability: Trust is crucial when your team is working remotely. Look for a consistent work history and steady performance in their previous roles to ensure they can deliver quality work.
  • Adaptability: Remote work can present unexpected challenges. Therefore, you want candidates who can adapt to changes and tackle obstacles as they arise.
  • Collaboration skills: While remote employees work independently, they should also collaborate effectively. Candidates with a track record of teamwork and supporting colleagues will be valuable additions to your team.

Remember, beyond these skills, it’s important that the candidate can handle the unique dynamics of remote work.

From managing the isolation that can come with working from home to maintaining a healthy work-life balance. By focusing on these qualities, you’ll be well on your way to building a strong, efficient remote team.

Finding qualified remote talent

The remote job sites listed above allow you to better target talent that wants to work remotely. By posting your job ad to one of these sites, you increase your chances of finding the right remote candidate for your job. Need even more job board inspiration? Then check out our full guide on the best job boards for 2024.

Are you also open to recruiting a freelancer rather than a full-time remote employee? Then be sure to read our in-depth article on how to hire freelancers.

And do you want to learn more about remote work and how to build a company where remote workers thrive? Then check out our full list of remote work and hiring articles!

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