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16.02.2024 Talent acquisition

Comparing Absolventa and Agenturjobs.de for Recruiters

Choosing the right job platform for your recruitment needs is crucial. As a recruiter in today’s market, understanding the strengths and features of various platforms can significantly impact your hiring success. In this article, we’re comparing two popular German job platforms: Absolventa and Agenturjobs.de. We’ll delve into their key differences, target audiences, and usability to help you decide which suits your recruitment strategy best. Whether you’re looking for fresh graduates or seasoned professionals, this comparison will provide valuable insights.

At a glance: Absolventa vs Agenturjobs.de

Absolventa and Agenturjobs.de are two prominent job platforms in Germany, each with unique features and target audiences.


Absolventa is renowned for its focus on graduates and young professionals. The platform specialises in entry-level positions, internships, and trainee programmes, making it ideal if you’re looking to attract fresh talent. Their user interface is intuitive, offering a seamless experience for both recruiters and job seekers.


Agenturjobs.de, on the other hand, caters to a more experienced demographic, primarily within the creative and marketing sectors. It’s the go-to platform for finding seasoned professionals in advertising, marketing, and related fields. The site offers a more niche audience, ideal for targeted recruitment.

The main differences between Absolventa and Agenturjobs.de

Feature Absolventa Agenturjobs
Free job posting option: Available Limited
Cost for premium posts: Competitive pricing Industry-standard rates
Reach: Germany, young graduates DACH, creative sectors
Target group: Graduates, entry-level Every level
Ease of use: User-friendly Moderate
Free trial: Offered Offered
Unique feature: Career advice for graduates Specialised in creatives

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Where to find the best candidates: Absolventa vs Agenturjobs.de

Who can I reach on Absolventa?

  1. Recent university graduates.
  2. Candidates seeking internships.
  3. Young professionals for entry-level positions.
  4. Individuals interested in trainee programmes.
  5. Graduates seeking career advice and guidance.
  6. Talent nationwide across various industries.
  7. Tech-savvy job seekers.

Who can I reach on Agenturjobs.de?

  1. Experienced advertising professionals.
  2. Seasoned marketers.
  3. Creative industry veterans.
  4. Professionals in media and public relations.
  5. Digital marketing experts.
  6. Freelancers seeking agency roles.
  7. Talent within specific creative sectors.

Absolventa and Agenturjobs.de: Which is the best online platform for your company?

When choosing between Absolventa and Agenturjobs.de, consider your target demographic. Absolventa is ideal for reaching fresh graduates and entry-level talent, offering resources like career advice that appeals to this audience. Its user-friendly interface and competitive pricing make it a great choice for widespread recruitment efforts.

Agenturjobs.de, with its focus on experienced professionals in creative industries, is perfect for targeted recruitment. If you need seasoned creatives or marketers, this platform’s niche audience ensures your job listings are seen by the right eyes. However, keep in mind that its usability and customer support are standard.

Both platforms offer free trials, allowing you to test their services before committing. The choice depends on whether you’re looking to nurture new talent or recruit experienced professionals.

In many cases, however, the best option might be to simply use both platforms simultaneously to maximise your reach and attract a diverse pool of candidates.

To do this, you can create separate accounts for each and manually add your job descriptions and other information to create your ads. Once you post your ad to both Absolventa and Agenturjobs.de, you can check each platform’s pricing solutions to decide on whether and how to further promote each ad.

Alternatively, you can use JOIN’s dedicated job distribution software. Simply create your ad once, post it to both Absolventa and Agenturjobs.de at the same time, and benefit from unique JOIN discounts and job board bundles to save money on your sponsored jobs. Get started free!

Alternatives to Absolventa and Agenturjobs.de

While Absolventa and Agenturjobs.de are strong contenders, it’s wise to explore other options. Here are five alternative job boards to consider:

  1. StepStone – A versatile platform suitable for various industries.
  2. Monster – Known for its vast reach and diverse job listings.
  3. XING – A professional network offering job listings and networking opportunities.
  4. Jobware – Ideal for mid to high-level positions across sectors.
  5. Stellenanzeigen.de – Offers a wide range of job listings and is popular among job seekers in Germany

In summary, both Absolventa and Agenturjobs.de cater to distinct segments of the job market in Germany, each with its unique advantages. 

Absolventa emerges as a prime choice for companies seeking fresh graduates and entry-level talent, providing a user-friendly platform and valuable career resources for young professionals. On the other hand, Agenturjobs.de serves as a specialised hub for experienced professionals in creative and marketing industries, offering targeted reach within these sectors.

Your decision between these platforms should align with your company’s specific recruitment goals and the type of candidates you aim to attract. Regardless of your choice, remember that the success of your recruitment efforts hinges not only on the platform you use but also on how effectively you communicate your company’s values and opportunities to potential candidates.

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