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01.12.2022 Hiring process

Recruitment and hiring ideas to save time (and money)

Recruitment and hiring ideas to save time (and money)

The recruitment process is vital to your business. Without recruiting, it is impossible to grow! However, as anyone who has scaled a team can tell you, it is a task that can take a lot of time and effort.

As an employer, you can expect to be investing both time and money all the way through the recruitment process. And, if you’re a smaller business, this may seem pretty daunting.

Additionally, if you find yourself in a situation where you have lots of open roles that need filling quickly, it might be a situation that you just aren’t able to cope with! Luckily, we at JOIN have some excellent tips and tricks to help save time and money when recruiting and hiring.

Group interviews and hiring events

Group interviews are an extremely efficient way of screening multiple candidates in one session. If a group interview is conducted correctly, it can save a huge amount of time and money. If you’ve got multiple open positions for similar roles, you can also make multiple hires from one session!

Not only do they save time, but group interviews are also a great way to identify team chemistry and get a feel for how well potential hires will get along with each other. Plus, if your existing employees are running the sessions, their chemistry can be measured too.

It’s worth noting that while group interviews are a great way to explore several candidates at once, they aren’t suitable for every role. This type of interview best suits entry-level roles, and works especially well for jobs such as Sales Representatives or Cleaners, where tasks can be provided to assess a candidate’s performance, too!

Alongside this, remember that if you’re asking personality-based interview questions, some ice-breakers or openers can help lower nerves, which can often be higher in a group setting.

Multiposting tools

Writing multiple versions of an advertisement for the same role is bad enough. But add the pain of creating multiple different accounts for niche job boards, logging in to check on applications, and responding to these, and you’ve wasted so much precious time!

A multiposting tool is a type of recruiting software that allows you to write your job ad just once. Then, when you’ve crafted the perfect job ad (check out our guide on how to write a good job ad for tips!) you can simply click one button, and post it to every job board you want to.

The best part? A good multiposting tool, like JOIN, will also serve as an ATS and collect applicants from all your job postings in one place. This cuts down on time spent logging into dozens of different websites, and cuts down on any confusion between who applied from where.

JOIN also allows you to communicate with candidates from inside the tool! So, it is the perfect recruiting software to use to save time recruiting.

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Hire collaboratively

In smaller teams, your team members may take on multiple roles. This, when a business is growing, can also include recruiter, hiring manager, and onboarding manager.

With so many plates spinning at once, your recruitment may be unnecessarily delayed, and can easily become a stressful and hectic experience. One way to avoid this is by hiring collaboratively with a team.

This means splitting the process into different tasks that different team members will take on. It is important to assess before beginning to hire how much time each member of the recruitment journey has to spare, as well as what they’re comfortable with doing to ensure a seamless process.

Hiring collaboratively also means listening to what everyone thinks, and working together to create a plan that fits your company culture and values. By going through the process together, everyone can contribute their expertise and ideas to help you find the best candidate for the role.

Doing this will save you money on hiring an external recruiter, and avoids one team member taking on every responsibility, which could quickly lead to burnout.

Tools like JOIN can also assist with hiring collaboratively, as multiple team members can log into a single account and leave notes and comments on a candidate profile to share opinions.

Create a good careers page (and LinkedIn)

With the right level of employer branding, candidates can actually come to you! And, of course, this will save you heaps of time and money finding candidates.

A good careers page and LinkedIn account will show future employees what your business’s mission and values are. It may also include quotes and pictures from current employees to build trust, as well as some statistics about your current team and business growth.

Of course, any open positions you currently have should be displayed on these channels too. The JOIN widget is a great way to keep your open positions up to date, with minimal effort!

Find out more about the JOIN widget in this blog post: Five good reasons to use the JOIN widget.

And, if you want tips on creating a good careers page why not check out our tips on how to create the best careers page on your website too!

Find out more recruitment tips

Whether you’ve just started recruiting and hiring, or this is a second nature to you by now, there are always tips and tricks that you can use to make things easier. And the best way to learn these tricks is from experts.

So, why not check out our Recruitment and HR blog, which is filled with informational articles and interviews with industry experts to help you save time and money when recruiting!

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