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11.01.2023 Hiring process

5 ways an ATS can help your recruitment

5 ways an ATS can help your recruitment

If your recruitment strategy is working, you’ll have lots of great candidates to choose from. But how do you turn a group of candidates into one perfect hire? With an ATS.

So you took our advice, created a brilliant job ad, multiposted it to a variety of job boards, and now you have a pile of great candidates building up. Congratulations! Your next task is to filter that pile down into one perfect hire. This can be a long and daunting task.

How can you get your team’s signoff? How do you know you’re making the right decision? What if the best candidate goes somewhere else while you’re making up your mind? An ATS like JOIN can help.

Read on to learn how this recruitment software can make managing your candidates easy.

What is an ATS?

An Applicant Tracking System, or ATS, is a software that helps automate your recruitment process by:

  • Filtering candidates
  • Tracking their movement through the hiring pipeline
  • Sending automatic emails to candidates
  • Providing analytics on applications

To learn more, check out our applicant tracking system glossary page.

An ATS can speed up your recruitment process

When you’re competing for the top candidates, speed is of the essence. Most recruiters will have a story of finding the perfect person, only to have them drop out because another company made them a good offer and they decided to take it.

In the recruitment business, we call this period, between a candidate applying for a job and them signing a contract, time to hire. It’s one of the most important metrics to measure. Keeping this period to a minimum is useful in keeping the best candidate from slipping through your fingers.

There are a number of ways you can reduce your time to hire, such as automatically filtering your candidates to find your best picks straight away, or responding to candidates quickly to move them through your hiring pipeline. These are all things an ATS can help with, as we’ll see below.

By automating your recruitment process, an ATS like JOIN allows you to speed up your recruitment process and cut your time to hire. According to GetApp, using an ATS sped up the recruitment process for 86% of recruiters. Don’t lose out on candidates to companies that are already using an ATS – start using one today.

Hire better, faster, and smarter

With automated & optimised workflows

Sign up – it’s free

An ATS can save you money

Smart recruiters know that good recruitment costs money, in salaries, advertising, etc, but bad recruitment costs even more. Time and resources lost to an inefficient recruitment process represents money being lost. With HR departments being asked to do more with less, you can’t afford to let any budget go to waste.

This is known as cost per hire, how much it costs your company to fill a vacant position. It’s another vital metric that recruiters want to track and reduce as much as they can.

An ATS, especially a free one like JOIN, can save you money by automating many time-consuming recruitment tasks, like filtering and messaging candidates, letting you get the most out of your budget.

An ATS helps you make the right choice every time

While not measured in days or euros like the metrics we’ve looked at above, there is perhaps no metric more important for a recruiter to consider than quality of hire. How well does a new hire meet the company’s expectations, and contribute to its success?

An ATS can also help improve this metric in a number of ways. For example, some ATS tools, like JOIN, offer a feature that automatically compares candidates’ CVs to the job description, and ranks them accordingly. This means you can prioritise the candidates identified as a high match, increasing your chances of hiring someone who’ll be a great fit.

A great way to maximise your chances of hiring the right person is to make the decision as a team. A good ATS will help you do this effectively. JOIN makes it quick and easy to share notes and next steps with your hiring team, so you can quickly make a decision that everyone is on board with.

Find out more about how JOIN helps you collaborate with your hiring team.

An ATS makes communication easy

A downside of bringing in lots of great candidates can be communicating with all of them. Juggling lots of email chains and keeping track of which candidates you replied to, which ones need a response, and where they all are, can be exhausting.

This is another area where an ATS can help. A tool like JOIN takes all your candidates and gathers them in one place. You can communicate with them all through JOIN no matter where they applied from, saving you time and effort, and making sure you don’t miss out on that perfect person.

An ATS improves your employer branding

In a competitive marketplace, you need to take advantage of every opportunity to make your company stand out, and recruitment is no exception. A quick, clear, and consistent application process, powered by an ATS like JOIN, will give candidates a positive impression of you, even if they don’t end up getting the job.

Candidates talk to each other, and if you provide a good candidate experience, word will spread that your company is a good place to apply to. Remember that recruitment is marketing, so don’t miss this opportunity to boost your employer branding!

These are five of the ways that using an ATS like JOIN can help you quickly narrow down your group of candidates into one hire, make the right choice every time, save money, and improve your image while you’re doing it.

Where could a smart recruitment strategy take your company this year? Start using an ATS today and find out!

Make managing your candidates easy with JOIN's free ATS

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