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10.03.2022 Talent acquisition

JOIN’s most desired job role predictions for 2022

JOIN’s most desired job role predictions for 2022

Here at JOIN, we love everything about recruitment and HR. We’re constantly on the lookout for upcoming trends, and we talk (maybe more than we should) about all things workplace-related. 

Now the new year is in full swing, we’ve been forming our own predictions on what positions will be the most in-demand over the next twelve months. With these predictions, small and medium-sized organisations can stay ahead of the curve and update their hiring plans. 

Take a look below at our educated guesses for this year’s most desirable hires, you might be surprised. 

Diversity and Inclusion Manager

A Diversity and Inclusion Manager is responsible for supporting HR teams and ensuring Hiring Managers hire and screen candidates fairly. They help design company culture with the aim of promoting diversity throughout the organisation.

These team members will work on guidelines to help organisations communicate effectively and make everyone feel accepted. If there are any complaints in regards to inclusion, these managers are responsible for receiving that feedback and coming up with strategies to improve on it. 

Diversity and Inclusion Managers also run workshops and presentations to educate large and diverse audiences on the importance of inclusion within the workplace. They may also work with onboarding managers and Employee Relation Managers to ensure that minority groups are appropriately welcomed into the team.

We have written an in-depth Job Description template for this position to help with your future hiring. 

Why are Diversity and Inclusion Managers in demand?

Diversity and Inclusion Managers have been in demand since around 2020, with no sign of that demand slowing. Large corporations began hiring in trend since equality discussions became more of a focus across the globe. Since then, the discussion has become increasingly directed towards the workplace. 

This, in turn, has shaped the way small and medium-sized businesses hire, as they follow in the footsteps of larger organisations. 

Diversity and Inclusion Managers are excellent for the well-being of entire organisations and are becoming an essential role within Human Resources. 

Customer Marketing

Customer Marketing is a role that sits between Marketing and Customer Service or Customer Success. This role requires an individual with specialised talents to develop strong brand awareness as well as the ability to form and maintain strong relationships with customers and clients. 

A Customer Marketer should be a people person with excellent interpersonal skills. They should be able to align conversations to future product releases which will improve the overall brand experience for the customer or client. 

As well as Customer Success teams, they also work a lot with Sales teams to further understand any product gaps and gain clarity on any further improvements. 

Why are Customer Marketers in demand?

As corporations have become more in touch with their customers, as well as the rise of User Experience Designers and Researchers, it makes sense to close the gap between Sales, Customer Success and Marketing. 

This role is more in demand now than ever before as organisations see the benefits that marketing campaigns can bring when they are completely aligned with the user and the product. 

If you’re interested in learning more about the Customer Marketing role, take a look at our Job Description Template. 

Business Development Manager

This role is also very much related to communication and relationship management. The Business Development Manager is responsible for keeping positive relationships with stakeholders, both internal and external, and clients. 

Business Development Managers sit between the Sales, Marketing and Growth teams with the overall aim of improving revenues through gaining more clients or customers. Business Development Managers typically work within the B2B industry. 

Why are Business Development Managers in demand?

In line with the reasons why Customer Marketers are in demand this year, Business Development Managers are showing how beneficial it can be to keep strong relationships across organisations. 

They can also advise marketing teams on future successful campaign ideas, according to the data and information that their communications give them. 

Cyber Security Engineers

Cyber Security Engineers are responsible for safeguarding entire organisations from both internal and external security threats. They work towards identifying any potential threats with the aim of protecting the company’s data and overall security. 

Why are Cyber Security Engineers in demand?

It’s no surprise that with the rise of digital organisations and SaaS corporations that online security is becoming extremely important. All companies are at risk of becoming victims of a cyberattack, regardless of company size, growth rate or industry. 

We can expect the rise of Cyber Security positions to keep growing, with a prediction of 31%+ until 2029. 

As the global pandemic sent almost all office workers back into home offices, cyber security became even more relevant. More work was needed to protect, not just customers’ data, but also internal data and employee information. 

As these roles are highly technical, they can’t easily be advertised as entry-level positions. Therefore, a lot of crash courses and boot camps are emerging to help potential candidates learn the skills needed to be successful in this engineering role. 

If you’re looking for a Cyber Security Engineer, take a look at our Job Description Template. 

Machine Learning Engineer

Machine Learning Engineers are responsible for designing, implementing and maintaining self-running software to automatically predict future results for the organisation. Machine Learning Engineers are especially useful hires in SaaS companies or organisations where the consumer is the focus. 

Machine Learning Engineers usually work closely with Data Analysts, who draw conclusions from collected data about consumer trends. Machine Learning Engineers then use that data to improve their automated technologies. 

Large corporations like Amazon and Netflix use Machine Learning to accurately predict purchases or track trends. They can then use this information to cleverly suggest purchases or TV shows that the consumer will engage with.

Machine Learning plays a very technical role within an organisation and needs a lot of experience to become successful. 

Why are Machine Learning Engineers in demand?

Machine Learning is becoming embedded in cars, fridges, smartphones and TVs, as well as more and more apps and platforms that consumers use daily. 

Machine Learning aims to improve the experience for the consumer, making it easier for them to receive products or services that they’re interested in.

There is some controversy surrounding the role of a Machine Learning Engineer as some large corporations may blur the lines of privacy and a tailored experience. However, for a lot of organisations, Machine Learning Engineers are extremely valuable to have as they can quickly boost growth. 

The role of a Machine Learning Engineer can be difficult to grasp and define. Check out our Job Description Template for further help. 

Whatever roles you’re looking to hire, using HR software can help to organise candidates, write job descriptions and prepare interviews. Find out how JOIN can help you hire your next top talent. 

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