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Use the right job board to find your next great hire.

JOIN is your one-stop-shop for posting your job ad to 100+ job boards, professional networks and social media channels.

Target your next great hire by multiposting your job ad on any job board

Post your job openings to all sites at once - with one click. Get found by relevant candidates fast and start receiving applications.

Discover the pros and cons of 20+ job boards in detail

Search all job boards


Indeed is one of the largest generalist job search engines aggregating listings from many sources.

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LinkedIn is one of the largest professional social networking platforms with over 700 million members.

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XING is one of most trusted and popular professional social networking platforms in the DACH region.

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Berlin Startup Jobs

Berlin Startup Jobs is a job site targeting job seekers looking for a job in the Berlin startup ecosystem.

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Dribbble is one of the most popular job search site for graphic designers and creative professionals.

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StepStone is one of the largest generalist job boards in Germany and the European Union

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Discover different types of job boards

Which job board is the right fit for you?

Platform Type


  • High reach
  • Not as effective for targeting candidates and industries
  • Job posts face high competition due to total volume of ads
Find the right generalist

Platform Type


  • Lower but more effective reach
  • Specific targeting of candidates and industries
  • No free job advertisements available
Find the right specialist

Premium Campaigns

Get 2.5x more applications with premium job ads

Boost the visibility of your job ads and target the right candidates by promoting your job on premium job boards.

Post to 100+ premium job sites. Increase your reach by multiposting your job ads on 100+ premium platforms with JOIN.

Save money on ads. Get industry-wide best prices on premium job ads.

Get precise guidance. We help you decide where to best post your job ad to.

Bring your hiring process to the next level

Create one job ad in JOIN and multipost it to 100+ premium job boards, platforms and social media networks

Free to use

Easy to set up

10+ job boards

Save money with combination bundles

Discover 15+ bundles to post on high-performing platforms simultaneously

Save time posting your premium job ad simultaneously to a variety of specialist job boards.

Choose bundles for specific job ads . Fill your Marketing or IT positions with proven combinations of premium job ads.

Benefit from discounts. Combination bundles can save you up to 40%.

Enjoy premium support Get your dedicated Account Manager to find the right talent faster.

Flexible Budget

Tell us your hiring budget and we take care of the rest

If you often find yourself asking what your best source of candidates is and which platforms actually perform - we’ve got you covered.

No more guesswork. We publish your premium job ad to those job boards that are most promising for finding your ideal candidate.

Get data-driven recommendations. Based on your budget and vacancy, we estimate how many applications you will likely receive.

Save time and effort. Create only one job ad with JOIN's job editor while we get you more qualified applications.

How JOIN helps recruiters get the job done

Discover why we are one of the fastest growing HR software solutions in Europe!

All you need in one place Create your job in minutes and customize it to your needs, with our easy-to-use editor.

Avoid an email inbox full of applications Create your job in minutes and customize it to your needs, with our easy-to-use editor.

Use the only freemium tool Create your job in minutes and customize it to your needs, with our easy-to-use editor.

Enjoy discounts up to 40% Create your job in minutes and customize it to your needs, with our easy-to-use editor.

Find local & international candidates Create your job in minutes and customize it to your needs, with our easy-to-use editor.

Get support, whenever you need it Create your job in minutes and customize it to your needs, with our easy-to-use editor.

How to post on premium job boards

Attract qualified talents faster and more effectively

Step 1

Create a compelling job ad with JOIN's job ad editor

Set up your account and get free access to our all-in-one recruiting software.

Get precise guidance. Step-by-step workflow to build a job ad that is optimized for 100+ job boards and search engines.

Catch candidate's attention. We help you build job ads that are conversion-optimized and filter the right candidates efficiently.

Step 2

Attract better talent faster with premium job ads

Pick a premium job board, bundle or tell us your budget

Save time and effort. Choose from pre-selected products and runtimes to publish quickly.

Easy checkout process. Buy premium job ads and bundles directly in JOIN.

Step 3

Receive applications immediately

Use an intuitive ATS to organize, screen and manage candidates the smart way

Use login for your recruiting process. Receive applications from all sources in JOIN.

Manage Candidates. Screen and filter candidates with your team.