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21.11.2022 Organisation & processes

Who should you hire for your HR team?

Who should you hire for your HR team?

An HR team is crucial for expanding your team in a healthy, sustainable way. But, how do you get started with expanding this team in the first place?

Well, making a few smart hires to grow your HR team can get things started on the right foot. Here at JOIN we know a thing or two about hiring and HR, so to help be sure you’re expanding your business in a way that makes sense, we’ve put together this guide to HR roles to help you assess which HR hire makes sense for you.

Simply read the list of roles below with your most pressing business goals in mind, and you’ll find out who your next HR hire should be!

Human Resources Manager

An HR Manager is an excellent place to start when expanding your HR team. With a great overall knowledge of company culture, people-related laws, trends, and problems, and usually at least a little knowledge of interviewing candidates, they’re an all-round people person!

If you want to get started hiring your Human Resources Manager, you can find our hiring templates for the role below:


A Recruiter is an expert in attracting top talent, writing job advertisements, and advertising your company to potential hires. They’ll know your company benefits, employer branding, and how to communicate with applicants to sell your brand and values in the best possible way. They’ll usually know how to work with both active and passive candidates.

A Recruiter will work closely with different members of your team to ensure the hiring manager is getting the right person for the role!

Find our Recruiter hiring templates below:

Onboarding Specialist

An Onboarding Specialist specialising in ensuring everything is ready for a new hire’s arrival to your business. They will set up any hardware or tools a hire needs and arrange welcome sessions with any relevant colleagues that the hire will need to know.

An Onboarding Specialist will work with new team members for longer than just their first day to help with employee retention over time.

Find our Onboarding Specialist hiring templates below:

Office Manager

An Office Manager helps to cultivate the culture and environment within your office. This can be by ensuring any supplies, complimentary foods and drinks, and more, are fully stocked, hosting team events, and helping communication within the office between teams.

Office Manager roles often differ from office to office, depending on the business and its needs.

Get inspiration on how to start hiring an Office Manager with our Office Manager hiring templates below:

Employee Relations Manager

Employee Relations Managers are experts on interpersonal relationships within the workspace. They’ll help to streamline conversations within teams and between teams, and help to nip any problems or disagreements in the bud.

This role is perfect for any business launching large projects that require a lot of communication.

Start hiring your Employee Relations Manager with help from our hiring templates below:

Expanding your team further

Hiring doesn’t have to stop with HR. We’ve got plenty of templates for roles all across your company. Check out our other hiring templates to expand all of your teams, and find top talent in no time!

Free hiring templates

We've got hiring templates available for a variety of roles

Check them out here

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