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Glossary: HR & Recruiting Definitions

What is startup recruitment?

Startup recruitment or recruiting is the process of attracting, finding, screening, interviewing, selecting and hiring candidates, and onboarding new employees for a new, fast-growing business.

These activities take place within the recruitment funnel, where the pool of candidates is narrowed down until the hiring company has settled on their hire. The company should work to make this process as effective as possible by organising their candidates and moving them through the funnel as efficiently as they can.

Who does the recruiting in a startup?

A startup might have a dedicated recruitment manager, or even a Human Resources department that oversees the recruitment process.

For startups in an earlier stage, recruitment might still be the responsibility of the founder or the relevant department heads. If this is the case, making use of talent attraction software with free high-reach features can really help a startup grow.

How do startups recruit candidates?

Due to a lack of resources, startups often rely on personal connections and networks to build their teams, and sometimes offer incentives to existing employees to refer people.

However, it’s possible for startups to hire the best possible candidates via job ads and a focused screening process like a larger, more established company. This can be done by taking advantage of recruitment software that lets them multipost job ads to different boards at the same time, manage their candidates through the recruitment funnel, and automate tasks to save time and effort.

What is the recruitment process?

Every company has its own process of hiring the right person for a role, but a good recruitment process is usually built around the following steps to attract the maximum number of great applications, and then narrow them down to the best candidate:

  1. Identify the hiring need

  2. Prepare a job description

  3. Post job ads to job boards

  4. Filter, screen, and shortlist applicants

  5. Interview selected candidates

  6. Make a job offer

  7. Onboard new hires

Why is having a recruitment process so important for a startup?

An effective recruitment process helps a startup reach a broader range of candidates and build a larger talent pool. This is vital for startups with smaller recruitment budgets or without dedicated recruitment people, but who still want to build the best possible team quickly.

In a small, early-stage startup, making the right recruitment decisions is crucial, as every new hire can significantly impact the company’s direction and culture. As Gruntwork cofounder Yevgeniy Brikman warns “Choose the first 10 employees very carefully, as they determine the next 100.”

Recruitment can be an especially big challenge for lesser-known startups. They need to work extra hard to stand out and convince candidates of their vision and prospects for success.

An effective recruitment strategy can help startups overcome these challenges.

How can recruitment software help startups build an effective recruitment process?

Recruitment software can help startups establish a smoother process for attracting and hiring candidates. By providing access to analytic tools, recruitment software enables a startup to reevaluate their recruitment strategy and make improvements. This is especially useful to startups with small recruitment budgets and without dedicated recruitment people to carry out this analysis.

The two types of software a startup should use to refine their recruitment are Talent Acquisition Software (TAS) and Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS). JOIN is the perfect tool for a startup, as it alone combines TAS and ATS software in one convenient package.

What is recruiting analytics?

Recruitment analytics combines data and predictive analysis to help startups make their recruitment process more effective and efficient. It provides insights into where candidates are coming from, how much time is being spent on moving them through the recruitment funnel, and how much recruiting candidates is costing. This is helpful for startups looking to make the most of their recruitment budget and maximise cost-effectiveness.

What are the most popular recruitment metrics for startups?

Recruitment metrics are measurable data points that show a startup how effective their recruitment process is. Companies can use these to track how many candidates they’re converting at different steps in the recruitment funnel and where they can refine their strategy.
Some of the most important recruiting metrics for startups are:

  • Source of candidates: which job boards and platforms are attracting candidates

  • Source of hire: which job boards are attracting candidates who end up being hired 

  • Number of applicants: how many qualified candidates apply to each job post

  • Time to hire: how long hiring takes

  • Cost per hire: how much budget is spent on each hire

  • Quality of hire: how new hires compare with previous hires

  • Applicant to hire ratio: how many interviews and candidates it takes to make a hire

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