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What tips can you give us for our job advertisements?


With pleasure we share with you a few helpful and important tips on what makes a good job ad and how to create it:

Tip 1: Use short and meaningful Job Titles

Here, you should precisely describe the job for what it is. A salesman (m/f/d) is a salesperson (m/f/d) or sales manager (m/f/d). Descriptions like “Your new dream job with high earnings” are less helpful here. This is because this term is not searched for, and you will therefore have reduced success.

We therefore recommend no more than 3-4 words for the job title.

Tip 2: Write a clear Job Description

A job description must make it clear to the prospect what to expect and what to do. Therefore, we have introduced the 2 important sections

  • Tasks and
  • Qualifications

Optionally, you can add Introduction, Benefits, and Degree. In general, we recommend that you use bullet points for better visualization. Here, 5-6 points work best.

Tip 3: Use Job Filters with caution

There are two options for job filters. If you don't use filters, you will see an increase in the number of applications because not all applicants have maintained their criteria correctly. If you use the filters, you will usually get better quality results, as the playout is more targeted. We recommend starting without filters and evaluating after one week.

Tip 4: Quote Job Category

Please indicate here in which industry the respective position is active. The industry in which your company operates is not taken into account.

Tip 5: Show direct Contact Person

A direct name and photo here can generate on average 15 % more applications. Take advantage of this and add these details. The contact person and team members may also differ here.

We hope we could help you a little.

Written by

Sarah Heßler

Updated 08/03/21