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JOIN’s multiposting tool makes it easy to post your job ad to multiple job boards at once. It's automatic job posting with just one click! Attract talent faster and more efficiently with simple multiposting.



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Fast and simple posting
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Save time and money with JOIN multiposting

To post on multiple job ad sites with JOIN, you only need to create one job advert! With our automatic, one click job posting software, your job ad is simultaneously shared across the best job boards – helping you save time and money!

No more messing around with formatting your job ad to suit each job board. Simply make one ad and multipost it across multiple job sites. Attracting talent was never this easy.

Multiple job ads, one multiposting tool

Multiple job ads don’t mean more work. With JOIN, you can create, edit, manage, and update your ad from one place. 

Whenever you change your ad using JOIN’s multiposting software, it automatically updates across every platform. Posting to multiple job boards at once has never been so simple!

All your candidates in one place

Posting jobs to multiple job boards means receiving applications from multiple places. JOIN collects these applications for you in one centralised dashboard, so you can view and assess them without any extra effort.

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One place to build and promote job ads

More applications Less effort!

Premium job boards mean 3x more candidates

Our multiposting tool allows you to post to multiple job boards, including free and premium job advertising sites. 

This means you can access and multipost to excellent job boards – such as LinkedIn, Stepstone, or Behance – in one click.

Niche job board? Concentrated talent!

Need a designer? Try Dribbble. Want a marketing expert? Try OMR Jobs. JOIN allows you to multipost your job ad to a wide selection of niche job boards.

The best part? JOIN recommends the best job boards based on industry, location, position, and other relevant factors. Alternatively, search for your favourite job board or filter job boards by category.

Tight budget? Tailor JOIN to suit your needs.

As a recruiter, you can set your budget and filter job boards and ad slots based on this. JOIN will display the available slots across various job boards to match your budget.

JOIN will also provide a detailed explanation to help you decide which job board or bundle will give you the most relevant applicants for your job role. The result? The best possible value for your money.

Multiposting made simple.
See what our customers have to say.

“JOIN is very intuitive and easy to use. Multiposting is a great function, and it provides a great user experience.”

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Polina Frantseva

Human Resources Operations Manager, Merantix

“With multiposting, I don’t even notice what the platforms are, I trust JOIN. Also, we aim to keep our recruiting costs quite low, which is definitely where JOIN helps. So automatic multiposting is one of my favourites.”

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Zarifa Yusibova

Human Resources and recruiting, Myos

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Post to multiple job boards to boost success

What can multiposting do for you?


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Got multiposting questions?
We have answers!

What is multiposting?

Multiposting means you can post to multiple job boards at once with just one click! Our efficient multiposting software means you can make one eye-catching job advert and post it across 10+ free job boards and 100+ fantastic premium job advertising sites with minimal effort.

Is posting to multiple job advertising sites more effort?

No. With JOIN, you can post jobs to multiple job boards in no time as we offer one click job posting. Screening and managing applications is easy too, all you need to do is check your JOIN dashboard, and you can see candidates from every job board you posted to!

Can I multipost for free?

Yes! With JOIN, you can benefit from automatic job posting to 15+ of the free job posting sites that we offer, with one click. If you want to go premium and post your job to the best paid job portals, you can add this later.

What are the benefits of multiposting to premium job sites?

Our premium job boards cover a much wider range of sites. From niche job sites such as Dribbble and Behance, to huge boards like Monster. You can access 100+ job boards and take your job ad to the next level with targeted job posting across these sites, made easy with JOIN’s job distribution software.

Do I have to pay a commission if I hire using JOIN’s multiposting feature?

No, we don’t charge a commission if you hire using our multiposting job tool.

Can candidates use the quick apply feature on job ads across different job sites?

Yes! Currently, candidates can use the quick apply feature directly from Indeed and StepStone and through the JOIN site. The quick apply feature greatly cuts down apply time, improving your job ads' conversion performance.

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