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Premium job ads — Get the most qualified candidates faster with targeted recruiting on 250+ premium job boards.

Premium subscription — Post more than two jobs simultaneously, work with your whole team on finding the right talent, and enjoy discounts of up to 40 % on premium ads.

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Premium job ads

Target your next great hire with premium job board multiposting

Premium job ads lead to the most qualified candidates almost immediately. Targeted recruiting will save you time and effort when you’re screening applications

Tailored to your needs — Get expert recommendations on which of the 100+ different products to use.

Premium bundles — Discover 15+ bundles and post on high-performing platforms simultaneously.

Flexible spending — Automatically allocate your budget to the most relevant job boards leading to better and faster results at a reduced cost.

Social media — Promote your job ad on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Google.

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Flexible spending

Do you often find yourself wondering which platforms to use and where to post your premium job ad? We’ve got you covered.

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  • No more guesswork — We promote your premium ads on job boards that will target the right candidates.
  • Data-driven recommendations — Based on your budget and your job ad, we can estimate how many applications you will likely receive.

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Premium subscription

Perfect your hiring process and get all the benefits of JOIN

With a premium subscription, take advantage of discounts of up to 40% on premium job ads, create and post more than 2 job ads simultaneously, and add more users to enable team collaboration. And that’s not all. You’ll also get:

Advanced screening questions — Add more screening questions to your application forms to better filter candidates

Integration — Use integrations with Personio and Greenhouse for seamless integration of job and candidate data

Auto-sync — Synchronise your careers site automatically.

Export candidates — Easily export your candidate data.

Priority support — With prioritised premium support, we’re always by your side.

Personal Account Manager — Get a dedicated Account Manager and get hands-on support in improving your talent attraction process.

Bring your hiring process to the next level

Create one job ad in JOIN and multipost it to 250+ premium job boards, platforms and social media networks

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10+ job boards

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Any questions on Premium?

Premium job boards do not offer free job ads. Since premium job boards are often industry-specific, recruiting is particularly worthwhile here, as you will receive more applications from relevant candidates. Some examples for premium jobs boards are GitHub, Berlin Startup Jobs, Facebook, or Behance.

With premium job ads, the chances to reach more relevant candidates are way higher. Your ad will be found more easily which leads to more views and results in more applications.

Due to the multitude of job boards and platforms, it can be difficult to decide which job boards are suitable to reach qualified candidates.

Therefore, JOIN offers a special service: simply tell us your hiring budget and we’ll do the rest for you. We make data-driven recommendations, estimate how many applications you are likely to receive, and promote your premium ads on the right channels.

Our recommendations are based on data: we use comprehensive data and technology to help you decide where to invest your money. On this basis, we analyze and recommend job boards and platforms to help you find the right candidates faster.