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Create great job ads and your custom career page – for free

The 3-in-1 recruiting solution: Build job ads optimised for 100+ job boards, customise your online application forms, and create your own career page.

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Make modern job ads in less than 5 minutes – With our intuitive editor, you get precise guidance on how to make job ads that attract more top candidates.

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Customise your online application forms – Quickly see each candidate's qualifications and expectations to separate the wheat from the chaff faster, and all in one place.

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Get your own free careers page – Publish all of your jobs to your custom careers page. Enable candidates to browse your jobs and apply instantly.

Quick and easy job ad creation – ready for your career page and 100+ job boards

Create a job ad optimised for both your new custom career page and 100+ platforms in less than 5 minutes.

Job ad editor
Job ad editor
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Job ad editor

Create engaging job ads in minutes

Build modern job ads that really capture top candidates’ attention. We’ll show you how to make job ads that are conversion-optimised and filter the right candidates efficiently, so you can find the perfect person quickly.

Customisable. Tailor your job ad to your brand in less than 5 minutes. And need help writing? Then check out our guide on how to write job ads.

Responsive. We'll make sure your job advertisement looks great on every device.

Job application form

Let candidates apply on the go and from any device

Build friendly and multilingual application forms. Mobile-first, beautifully designed, and on-brand, ensuring the best candidate experience there is.

Customisable forms. Find the right candidate quickly with clear job application screening questions that you can easily customise.

Smooth application process. Allow candidates to apply with LinkedIn, Facebook, Google, and Indeed.

Careers page

Your personalised career site: Host all your jobs in one place

Create your own careers page and have one central place for all your candidates to browse – no code required.

Boost your employer branding. Get your own personal careers page and customise it to your needs to strengthen your employer brand. Need inspiration? Check out some of the best career pages.

Already have a careers page? Our job widget lets you easily synchronise your job ads with your own careers page.

Find your perfect candidate

Free to use

Easy to set up

10+ job boards

All you need to find the perfect candidate

With JOIN’s technology, you get expert guidance on creating compelling job ads – all in one place on your personal career page – that will attract the talent you’re looking for. And we’ll further help you promote your job ads to 100+ job boards to find your next hire faster and more efficiently.

Job Ad Builder Step-by-step guidance will show you how to make a job ad to build your ad with ease.

Job ads optimised for search engines Break through the noise with optimised job ads that increase your visibility.

GDPR compliant We take care that you are always fully secured.

Template library Save time with our unique job ad templates!

No code required Ensure responsive ads without being a techie.

Personal domain Get your own personal subdomain and build your employer brand.

Custom themes Create branded job ads with custom themes based on your corporate identity.

Ready to post your job to 10+ platforms for free?

Intrigued? Here’s what our customers have been saying about us

"JOIN is great to use! We have a much larger amount of candidates. JOIN fits seamlessly into our process and is a unique and efficient candidate generation tool, giving us access to highly relevant job boards we didn’t know before and at the same time reducing enormously our effort in recruiting."

Sven Hinrichs

Senior Manager Sports Marketing UEFA

Questions about creating job ads or your custom career page? We have answers!

After creating your job ad, you can automatically post your job ad to the following major job platforms and job boards for free:

• Indeed
• Google for Jobs
• Jobchannel
• Careerjet
• Glassdoor
• Kimeta

Once you have posted your job, you’ll see insights on which job boards work best for you. Discover how many candidates have viewed your ad and how many applications you’ve received from a specific job board. Use this knowledge to better understand where you need to be more visible when looking for new talent – investing in premium job postings on specific job search sites, can help you to increase the number of applications.

With JOIN, you can improve and digitalize your talent attraction and candidate hiring process for free and in one single tool.

It’s one easy workflow to find your next great hire:

1. We guide you through creating a modern job ad that has everything it needs to attract the right candidates
2. We take that ad and automatically post it to 10+ free job boards
3. If you want to speed up your hiring, you can buy premium job slots to better promote your ad or tell us your budget, and we take care of the rest
4. Receive more applications in one central place – never lose sight of who has applied when from where
5. Rate candidates and decide the next steps – you can also share notes with your colleagues
6. We send automated custom messages to all applicants based on your rating
7. Conduct your interviews and decide who should be hired

Yes, it’s 100% free! It’s not a free trial, so there is no credit card required to start using it.

You can create and publish 2 job ads simultaneously. And as your business grows, we grow with you. You can easily upgrade to any of our premium products to publish more job ads at a time, get statistics and insights on your job ads, and add more users. For more information and comparison of premium products, please get in touch with us.

We believe that great companies are made by great people. That’s why we enable thousands of companies to attract and manage more applications in an efficient, smart, and cost-effective way. We want every company to get access to a useful tool at a fair price.

No, you don’t have to pay us a commission when hiring through us.

JOIN combines the best of two worlds: With our tool, you can not only track applications from many different sources and various recruiting activities (what ATS systems are all about) but more importantly, you can use JOIN to increase the number of applications in the first place.

Ask yourself: What use is the best ATS if you only receive a few applications?

Therefore, we are on a mission to change the recruiting landscape by creating a new category of recruiting tools. We like to call our tool a “Talent Attraction Software”, in short, TAS system.

However, you’ll find many useful features that will help you in tracking and managing applications too. In contrast to other tools, we differentiate in providing an ATS and a TAS system completely for free.

Our customer support team is here to help with all your questions. You get access to chat and email support.

Sure, you can! Go ahead, create a free account, and build your first job ad with JOIN. It’s free, so don’t hesitate to discover a new way of creating online job ads that will attract more talent from many different sources.

Absolutely not. Our job ad editor is very intuitive and guides you through each step of the process. You can customize it as you need and upload some pictures for a personal touch. Try it out!

No! We automatically build a personal career page for you that will be hosted on our domain. You can then brand it as you need and upload some pictures, e.g., from your office or employees. You can then share all your job postings on your JOIN career site. If you already have your own career page, please get in touch to learn about our Job widget that helps you sync your job ads in real-time.

Yes, screening questions play an important role in setting clear expectations for applicants’ qualifications, skill sets, or experience.

Using detailed screening questions will help you in the process of reviewing job applications – especially in finding the right fit more easily.

Yes, applying through your customized application form is easier and faster. Candidates can precisely answer what you need to know and upload documents that you are asking for – enabling a great application experience.

Since all job ads automatically adjust to all devices, it’s easy for candidates to apply from their tablet or phone.

By the way, managing applications becomes easier for you too – you have all applicants and their documents in one central place.

To put it simply, multiposting means that you only need to create one job ad to automatically publish it on 10+ major job platforms and job boards – for free!

By multiposting, you don’t have to manually create the same job ad over and over again on different job boards. It also means you don’t have to log in to different platforms to check if you’ve received applications there. JOIN simplifies and streamlines the work by importing all candidates from all sources with all their information and documents in one place. For a quick overview use the filter and search options, and share notes with your team members to manage applications more efficiently.

In our “Promote” section within the software, you can see all the free and premium platforms to which you can choose to post your job ad.

We also automatically recommend bundles to promote your ad better and thus find your next hire quicker.

Yes, you can promote your jobs locally as you must enter a zip code when creating your job ad. We understand the importance of sourcing talent locally – especially these days – in supporting local economies and fostering community pride.

We leverage our data and technology to help you decide where to best invest your money. We analyze and recommend specific job boards and platforms to help you find the right candidate faster.

Instead of receiving tons of applications in your email inbox or on various job platforms, such as LinkedIn, you can collect and manage them all in JOIN.

This means you don’t have to manually log in to each job search site or job platform to see if you’ve received any applications. This saves you a lot of time and helps you to gain a better understanding of who has applied, from where, and with what documents or requirements.

Within JOIN, you can quickly see the most important information about applicants and if you like what you’re seeing, you can dig deeper into their enriched profiles. If you approve the candidate with one click, they advance to the next hiring stage. If you decide not to move forward, hit reject and an automated message will be sent to the candidate.

Another advantage is that you can do a quick search for any information and any candidate. You never know when another position might need to be filled, so it comes in handy to be able to search and filter your database easily.

Tags are a great way to categorize and organize candidates with certain characteristics. These could be particular languages or skills a person has. You can then use these tags to find and organize specific candidates.

Yes. You will always see the big picture of your hiring process. We’ll notify you when new applications arrive, and you can move them through your funnel with ease.

You can customize automated replies to applicants, e.g., when you decide to move them forward or in case you don’t. This not only saves you valuable time but helps you to focus on promising candidates.

We pride ourselves on providing the only freemium tool on the market that combines the functionalities of both Talent Acquisition Software and an Applicant Tracking System. This means that up to a certain level, you can use our tool completely for free. We don’t limit the number of applicants or how you can manage them within JOIN.

JOIN secures all services and requests with HTTPS. In addition, your data is encrypted and kept safe across several data centers.

We also facilitate GDPR compliance to ensure that you are protecting candidates’ data throughout the platform to meet all regulations.

Still open questions?