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Build modern job ads that convert top candidates.

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Promote your ad on 30+ tech-relevant job boards.

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Manage candidates easily with collaborative workflows.

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Your #1 tool for tech recruitment

Enjoy an automated workflow that helps you hire top IT talent fast and effectively

Easy multiposting to tech-related job boards

Data-driven job board suggestions help you discover the best job boards to find the tech talent you need.

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Connect with our API to make it your own

Spend less time manually updating
your job ads with the JOIN Job
Widget and RESTful API.

Fast and efficient messaging solutions

Save precious time with automated messages and direct in-app communication.

Smooth integration with your favourite HR tools

Increase efficiency and optimise your workflow by integrating JOIN with your favourite HR tools.

How JOIN helps tech recruiters thrive

Find out how to create job ads that actually work. Leverage winning strategies to best reach tech talent. Find the ideal candidate faster.

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Build outstanding job ads

With our intuitive editor and expert in-app advice, you easily create compelling job ads to attract the IT talent you’re looking for.

Add screening questions Don’t waste time and energy on unfit candidates by filtering them out from the start.

Use job ad templates Speed up your workflow by using our SEO-optimised job ad templates.

Post ads instantly Automatically post your ad to Google for Jobs to directly increase visibility and reach.

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Promote your ads for free

Easily post and promote your ads to the best job boards to reach and attract top tech talent.

Automatic multiposting Boost your job ad with one-click multiposting to 10+ free platforms and reach more tech candidates.

Top tech job boards Find the best talent in tech and IT by automatically posting your ad to specialised tech job boards.

Job board suggestions JOIN’s technology recommends the best job boards that fit your hiring needs.

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Manage candidates more easily

Streamline your hiring process with hassle-free candidate management, all in one place.

Collaborate easily with your team Align with your colleagues inside JOIN to reach the right hiring decisions faster.

Define your own workflow Customise your workflow within JOIN and add different stages that best fit your hiring process.

Fast and efficient messaging solutions Save precious time with automated messages and direct in-app communication.

Attract top tech talent fast,
efficiently, and within your
hiring budget.

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Tech recruiters love JOIN

These recruiters are already using JOIN to attract and hire top talent faster. Find out how JOIN helps them reach their recruiting goals.

“JOIN is a great tool, especially for early-stage startups, since they need to discover and learn about channel performance, job descriptions, and various platforms to attract and hire the right talent.”

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Polina Frantseva

Human Resources Operations Manager

“The fact that JOIN publishes job ads to different platforms helped us a lot to get interesting candidates, to speak with them, and to build this team we have now. We look forward to keeping it going like this, as recruiting is a key part of our business.”

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Nils Feigenwinter

Co-Founder & CEO

“JOIN is extremely practical: You only have to create one job posting, multipost it to all relevant channels with one click and thus, create a very high reach easily.”

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Claire Rosenthal

Team Lead People & Culture

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You ask, we answer

Got questions about tech recruiting and hiring? We’ve got answers!
If you can’t find what you’re looking for, get in touch with our customer success team.

What is tech recruitment?

Tech recruitment, or technical recruiting, involves sourcing, attracting, and hiring talent for technological roles. For example, recruiting for a Backend Developer or an IT Helpdesk Specialist would fall under tech recruitment.

Many companies and recruiters find recruiting for technical roles more difficult than other types of recruiting, as it often requires good knowledge of technical terms, tools, and skills.

Is it possible to recruit tech talent on a small budget?

Yes, although it can be challenging. Tech professionals know their skills are in high demand, and they will often have multiple job offers lined up. That’s why it’s important, particularly for smaller businesses with tighter budgets, to save money wherever possible.

Optimising your hiring process, leveraging free job posting solutions, and using a free applicant tracking system (ATS) like JOIN can all help you achieve this.

What are the best job boards to find tech talent?

This depends on a few factors, such as your location and the specific type of tech talent you are searching for. For example, the best developer job boards might differ from the best IT helpdesk jobsites.

With JOIN, you receive custom job board recommendations tailored to your unique needs and our client success team will happily provide further support to help you hire faster and more efficiently.

What is the best ATS for tech IT recruiters?

This depends. When choosing the best ATS for your tech recruiting efforts, you need to take several factors into consideration. For example, an applicant tracking system can have a ton of features, but that will also come at a price. That’s why it’s important to check which features you need and to only pay for what you really need.

For smaller companies in particular, a better solution is a free ATS like JOIN. JOIN offers many great features, and you can get started for free, without having to commit to spending any budget.

Is there a tech talent shortage right now?

Recruiting tech talent has become increasingly difficult in the past few years. Technical skills are in high demand, and this demand for IT and tech professionals is only growing further.

Right now, this demand is growing faster than the supply of qualified tech talent, leading to a shortage in tech workers. The result is a fiercely competitive hiring market where recruiters have to be incredibly fast to attract and hire top tech talent.

How do I add jobs to my careers page?

With JOIN, you can easily create your own personalised career page or use our JOIN Job Widget to automatically embed all jobs to your existing careers page. You can use the job widget for free and have all your jobs displayed on a custom careers page in minutes!

Find out how to implement the JOIN Job Widget in 5 simple steps.

Attract top tech talent fast,
efficiently, and within your
hiring budget.

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