JOIN makes hiring faster and easier for SMBs - so how can it be free?

JOIN enables SMBs to multipost up to 2 jobs simultaneously to 15+ job boards, including Google, Facebook, and Indeed, for free. Read on to learn how we do it!

Via JOIN you can share job ad to various free platforms.
Via JOIN you can share job ad to various free platforms.

3 Reasons why JOIN is available for free

With JOIN, small and medium-sized businesses can hire faster and more efficiently — either for free or with our paid premium edition. Wondering how we’re able to offer JOIN for free? Here are the three reasons:

Extensive partnerships - Due to the sheer volume of job ads we post to job boards every day, we’ve built strong partnerships with leading ones that enable us to offer free job postings on their sites.

Small margins, large discounts - We buy premium job ads in bulk and earn commissions with each one sold. However, we only keep a small margin to ourselves and give large discounts to our clients – creating a win-win situation for everyone.

Premium single postings and subscriptions - We offer premium single job ads, as well as monthly subscriptions that allow clients to post more than 2 jobs simultaneously, add more users, or integrate jobs and candidates with software like Personio or Greenhouse.

Get more great applications with less effort

Create one job ad and automatically post it to the below job boards for free. Receive, organise and manage applications from all sources in JOIN. Your whole recruiting process, in one place.

Over 800,000 job ads have been posted with JOIN!

We believe finding talent and managing applications should be easy, streamlined and cost-efficient. Our software is free to use because we believe that everyone should use our product and see the value for themselves without needing complex onboarding or training.

Ready to post your job to 15+ platforms for free?

Over 20,000 applications are
sent through JOIN every day!

JOIN helps candidates apply quickly and with any device, with application forms that are easy to use and multilingual. Get more great applications with less effort and for free.

Find your perfect candidate now

Free to use

Easy to set up

10+ job boards

Any questions?

Yes! JOIN is a freemium recruiting software and allows you to post up to 2 jobs at 10+ free job boards simultaneously, e.g. Google, Indeed, or Glassdoor.

Since we post a large number of job ads every day, we have built strong partnerships with leading job boards that allow us to offer free job ads.

With premium job ads you can post single job ads on job boards. You can learn more why investing in premium job ads is worth it on our “Why go premium” page.

Premium subscriptions are specific offers that include more advanced features and extras, such as integrations with other HR software like Personio.