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How do I send automated messages to applicants?


With JOIN, you can send customizable automated messages to confirm the receipt of applications and reject candidates. To activate, view and edit your customizable automated messages, just follow these steps:

  1. Click Settings left in your dashboard.
  2. Click “Automated Messages” in the left menu bar.
  3. Switch them on or off via the enable/disable button.

You will find three templates of messages that we have created for you. You can customize the texts as you like. Depending on the language that you have selected when creating the job advert, the message will be sent in

  • English, 
  • German, 
  • French, or 
  • Italian.

Application Received:

This message is to confirm the receipt of the application to an applicant. It is activated by default and is sent directly to each person who applies to one of your jobs.

Unqualified Application:

These two templates both represent a rejection email. Applicants will automatically receive this email the next day if they are set “unqualified”. The first one will be sent when rejected after checking the application, the second is sent if the candidate gets disqualified later during the hiring process.

Written by

Sarah Heßler

Updated 07/30/21