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How can I integrate Teamtailor?


Do you prefer to manage your candidates in Teamtailor? No problem thanks to our new integration. All you need is your individual API Key.

Integrating JOIN with Teamtailor is done with just a few clicks:

  1. Log in to Teamtailor
  2. Click Your Name > Settings in the top right corner.
  3. Navigate to Integrations > API Keys.
  4. In the upper right corner, click the button “+ New API Key
    • Enter a name for your new API Key (e.g., “JOIN"). 
    • Select “Admin” in the dropdown menu. 
    • Tick the boxes for “Read” and “Write”.
    • Click the "Create" button. Your newly generated API Key will now appear in the overview page. 
  5. Copy your API Key and paste it to your Teamtailor integration page on JOIN (Settings > Integrations > Teamtailor).
  6. Click “Request” in the top right corner.

JOIN will enable the integration and notify you once it is ready, please allow up to one full working day.

Do you need some visual support? Check out our Teamtailor integration slideshow below!

Teamtailor integration: Slideshow

Teamtailor dashboard en
Teamtailor api key creation window
Teamtailor integration on join dashboard

Navigate to API Creation

Log in to Teamtailor, click Settings, and navigate to Integrations > API Keys.

Create API Key

In the top right corner, click the button + New API Key

Enter API Key name, type, and permissions

1. Give your API key a self-speaking name,
2. select Admin in the dropdown menu,
3. tick the boxes for Read and Write,
4. click the Create button, and finally
5. copy the new API Key.

Add API key to your dashboard

Navigate to Settings > Integrations > Teamtailor and paste it into the API key field.

Written by

Sarah Heßler

Updated 08/24/22