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How can I integrate Personio?


Integrating JOIN with Personio is done in just a few little steps:

  1. Sign in to Personio, navigate to Settings > API credentials.

  2. Click "Recruiting API key" and copy company ID and access token.

  3. Optional
    If you wish, you can also create a “JOIN” channel to have candidates tagged as coming from JOIN. To do so,

    • navigate to Settings > Recruiting > Channels.

    • Create a new option by entering a name (e.g., “JOIN”) and

    • Click the "+" button.

    • Once done, you can copy the “Channel ID”.

  4. Optional
    Also, you can create a custom candidate attribute to have the original source (e.g., Indeed, LinkedIn) displayed on Personio. To do so,

    • Navigate to Settings > Recruiting > Attributes > Candidate profile.

    • Add a new attribute by entering a name (e.g., JOIN original source)

    • Select “text” as type and save it.

    • Copy the “API name”.

  5. Add the data collected above to the integration form in your company settings.

  6. Click the "Request" button in the top right corner.

Written by

Hannah Squire

Updated 01/24/22