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28.11.2022 News & insights

The 5 best developer and engineering job ads posted on JOIN

The 5 best developer and engineering job ads posted on JOIN

Hiring developers and engineers is notoriously difficult. Whether you’re hiring a senior position or a junior, these roles can take an incredible amount of time to fill.

Add to this the challenge of the skills shortage across Germany (and the rest of Europe!), and you might start to lose hope.

But, fear not, writing a great job ad can greatly ease this struggle and make hiring developers and engineers much easier. So, to give you an idea of how to attract this talent (the right way), we’ve rounded up some of the best developer and engineering job ads we’ve seen posted to JOIN.

Flick through the following job ads for inspiration on how to go about attracting the best developer talent on the market!

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  1. voize: Transparency about the hiring process

    voize develops apps that enable professionals (such as healthcare workers and laboratory technicians) to fill out forms via domain-specific speech recognition.

    What do we like about voize’s developer job ad?

    In their advertisement, voize display full transparency of their hiring process and what will be expected of the candidate. This includes mentioning the case study the potential developer will have to complete.

    This works well as it shows the candidate how long they should expect the process to take, and gives them time to prepare and make arrangements to complete the interview task.
    Screenshot from voize job ad


    Transparency such as this builds early trust between a candidate and the company, and will potentially increase the application rate, as the applicant knows there will be no nasty surprises along the way. This means that the candidate is less likely to drop out of the process too, as they’ll always know how far through the hiring stages they are.

  2. audibene: Identifying the stakeholders

    audibene is the largest online provider of high-tech hearing aids and other hearing systems. They were founded in 2012, and have since helped over 100,000 customers with their hearing.

    What do we like about audibene’s engineer job ad?

    audibene does an excellent job of giving the candidate an idea of who their stakeholders are within the company. This gives the potential hire a better understanding of the role’s position within the team, as well as an idea of the technical understanding they’ll need to perform the role properly. For engineers, this is especially important as this role can have a lot of variety when it comes to their position within the company.
    Screenshot from audibene job ad


    Informing applicants of the teams they’ll be working closely with also gives them the opportunity to research these departments, and further investigate the team structure at audibene. All in all, this gives the candidate the tools needed to make a better-informed decision when applying for the role.

  3. Smava: Inclusion of team’s values

    smava is an online credit comparison platform that aims to make loans transparent, fair and affordable for its customers. They’re now one of the biggest fintech companies in Europe, with a vision to become the go-to place for consumer loans.

    What do we like about smava’s developer job ad?

    smava’s job ad stands out from the crowd as they make a point of including the development team’s philosophy of “you build it, you own it”.

    Including this within the job ad gives the candidate an early overview of the company culture at smava, and allows them to assess whether they believe they would be a good fit.
    Screenshot from smava job ad


    The “you build it, you own it” philosophy also gives the candidate an idea of the level of responsibility developers have at smava. This, dependent on how much the candidate wishes to grow, may push them to apply.

  4. Solactive AG: Elaborate role description

    Solactive AG is a FinTech company operating globally and growing at a fast pace. Solactive has developed tailor-made and multi-asset class index solutions for exchange-traded funds (ETFs) and other index-linked investment products for the leading global investment banks and asset managers.

    What do we like about Solactive AG’s developer job ad?

    As ‘developer’ is an umbrella term for a wide range of different roles, developer job ads can often be too vague for a candidate to know what they’ll really be doing. This can discourage them from applying, as they’re unsure of whether they’re qualified.

    Solactive AG ensures this isn’t the case with their ad by including the sentence, “You are not a coder, you are a software engineer. You love solving complex problems, building performant, scalable, low latency, and highly available services”.

    This gives the candidate a more specific overview of what is expected of them, and may give them the confidence to apply.
    Screenshot from Solactive AG job ad


    This detailed explanation of the role, and how it fits into the wider team, will give a candidate better information to compare their experience against. In turn, Solactive are more likely to receive applications from candidates who are suitable for the role.

  5. Plantura: Clear technical skill requirements

    Plantura is the digital brand for gardening. Since its launch in 2017, Plantura has grown its fan base to more than 1 million hobby gardeners and provides them with educational and inspiring content. In 2018, Plantura launched its first product line, consisting of five organic and vegan fertilizers. Now, it is expanding its product portfolio to biological plant protection and soils with a low CO2 footprint.

    What do we like about Plantura’s developer job ad?

    Plantura’s job ad gets straight to the point, and clearly specifies the skills the candidate will need.

    This is particularly important for developer roles, as developers can be fluent in many coding languages, tools, and systems. Therefore, ensuring you’re clear with your needs makes sure you’re only getting relevant applications.

    Screenshot from plantura job ad

    Mentioning having previous experience with working in the backend of development, as well as writing JavaScript, will ensure that Front End developers who don’t work with JavaScript know not to apply.

More help with hiring a developer or engineer

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