Account Manager Job Description

Do you know what an Account Manager is? An Account Manager works within a business to provide regular communication to clients. They will be the go-to for any questions or comments the client may have, as well as upselling services or products.

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What is an Account Manager’s job description?

An Account Manager is a direct contact between a company and its clients and liaising between the two parties is their main focus. They will often deal with emails and phone calls from the clients as well as attend any in-person meetings. They answer questions, upsell products and generally keep the client updated.

Essential elements of the Account Manager’s job description:

  • Account Managers are not only key collaborators between client and company, but they often also delegate and organise workflows internally to ensure the team meets the client’s needs.
  • They commonly work in agencies and larger organisations with multiple clients and internal teams.
  • Their educational and work background can be extremely varied and experience in your particular industry is often not required for this role.
  • Account Managers are there to streamline how a business communicates with clients, shifting from crowded meetings with multiple stakeholders to the focus being on just the client and the Account Manager.

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Account Manager Job Description Example

  • Be clear in your description. Know the tasks of the role and ideally who the candidate should be.
  • This means you won’t need to read through too many CVs to find your superstar.
  • You might be tempted to use bullet points in this section, but resist the urge! Tell a story, show off all the cool things they would be responsible for, and get them excited to apply.
  • You should be more focused on your company culture and what your mission is, instead of their daily tasks.

About the role




Are your communication skills well above average? Do you thrive when diving into the details of a client account? Are budget management, problem-solving skills and rapid-fire responses all key elements of your skill set? If you answered yes to all of these, we’ve got the perfect role for you at {Company Name}.

We’re hunting for an experienced Account Manager who can take on our key clients, and play a valuable role in building strong relationships. As well as answering calls and questions, you will be offering upgrades and upsells to our products, so strong negotiation skills are a must!

You’ll be working closely with our product team and marketing team in order to form a strong all-around brand image and become experts at selling our products.
Deine Kommunikationsfähigkeiten liegen weit über dem Durchschnitt? Du hast Spaß daran, dich in die Details eines Kunden zu vertiefen? Budgetmanagement, Problemlösungsfähigkeiten, Verhandlungsgeschick und schnelle Reaktionen sind deine Superkräfte? Dann haben wir die perfekte Stelle für dich bei {Name des Unternehmens}.

Wir suchen einen erfahrenen Account Manager, der sich um unsere wichtigsten Kunden kümmert und eine wertvolle Rolle beim Aufbau starker Beziehungen spielt. Du wirst nicht nur Anrufe und Fragen beantworten, sondern auch Upgrades und Upsells für unsere Produkte anbieten. In enger zusammenarbeit mit unserem Produkt- und Marketingteam arbeitest du an einem starken, umfassenden Markenimage und wirst zum Experten für den Verkauf unserer Produkte.
  • This section is all about your candidate's experience and responsibilities. You should outline very clearly what they should expect from the job role, not from the company itself. 
  • You should use language that speaks to the candidate directly, use of “you”, “we” and “our” are all positives. 
  • Hard skills in this section are important, but don’t overlook the significance of soft skills, like communication and being a team player, these can make a huge difference to the way people work alongside each other and gel professionally. 
  • What do you believe in, and what are your core values?

Account Manager Responsibilities




Keep in mind, these are just examples of Account Manager responsibilities and duties that can be added to your advertisement. These may differ from what you actually require from the role! So, be sure to think carefully and adjust your Account Manager job description based on your open position.

• Retain regular contact with your set clients.
• Stay informed and updated on our product and USPs.
• Upsell our product to your clients.
• Create regular client reports and records.
• Set up, maintain and track invoices.
• Work closely with the product and marketing team to form marketing and sales plans.
• Handle any incoming communication from prospective clients.
• Take note of any suggestions or complaints clients have and forward them to relevant teams.
• Attend training sessions to help better communication with clients.
Denken Sie daran, dass dies nur Beispiele für Aufgaben und Pflichten eines Account Managers sind, die Sie in Ihre Anzeige aufnehmen können. Sie können sich von Ihren tatsächlichen Anforderungen an die Stelle unterscheiden! Bitte passen Sie Ihre Stellenanzeige für Account Manager daher sorgfältig an die Anforderungen Ihrer offenen Stelle an.

• Du pflegst regelmäßigen Kontakt zu deinen Stammkunden.
• Du hältst dich über unser Produkt und unsere Alleinstellungsmerkmale auf dem Laufenden.
• Du verkaufst unser Produkt an deine Kunden.
• Du erstellst regelmäßig Kundenberichte und -unterlagen.
• Du erstellst, pflegst und verfolgst Rechnungen und Zahlungseingänge.
• Du arbeitest eng mit dem Produkt- und Marketingteam zusammen, um Marketing- und Verkaufspläne zu erstellen.
• Du bearbeitest alle eingehenden Mitteilungen von potenziellen Kunden.
• Du nimmst Anregungen und Beschwerden von Kunden entgegen und leitest sie an die zuständigen Teams weiter.
• Du nimmst regelmäßig an Schulungen teil, um die Kommunikation mit den Kunden zu verbessern.
  • This section is essential to finding the candidate with the skills and qualifications that will help them in their job role.
  • This should be clear and concise and set boundaries for submissions.
  • The more information you add to your skills section, the less candidates you’ll have to sift through to find the right one.
  • This would waste both your time and the potential candidate so avoid being wordy as much as possible. Think about what would be an essential part of this role, and what would the applicant need to be successful in the job?

Account Manager Requirements




Remember, these are draft Account Manager requirements and may not match with the exact qualifications and skills you’re looking for. Double-check that you’ve noted everything you need from your candidate here.

• Incredibly strong written and verbal communication skills.
• Impeccable time management and organisation skills.
• Skilled negotiator.
• Proven ability to manage multiple client accounts.
• Strong people skills.
• Proven experience with MS Office.
• Proven skills with invoicing software.
• A valid driving licence.
• Professional experience in a similar role.
Denken Sie daran, dass es sich hier um beispielhafte Anforderungen an einen Account Manager handelt, der möglicherweise nicht genau mit den Qualifikationen und Fähigkeiten übereinstimmt, die Sie suchen. Überprüfen Sie noch einmal, ob Sie alles, was Sie von Ihrem Bewerber brauchen, hier notiert haben.

• Du bringst außerordentlich gute schriftliche und mündliche Kommunikationsfähigkeiten mit.
• Du verfügst sowohl über ein hervorragendes Zeitmanagement als auch über ausgesprägtes Organisationsgeschick.
• Du setzt dein enormes Verhandlungsgeschick gewinnbringend ein.
• Du bist in der Lage, zahlreiche Kundenkonten zu verwalten.
• Du bringst ausgeprägte soziale Kompetenz mit.
• Du bist erfahren im Umgang mit MS Office.
• Du besitzt bereits Anwenderkenntnisse mit Fakturierungsprogrammen.
• Du besitzt einen gültigen Führerschein der Klasse B.
• Du bringst Berufserfahrung in einer ähnlichen Funktion mit.

Need inspiration?

Your job description will not attract talent all on its own. So when putting together your job post, be sure to show what it's like working at your company not just textually but visually!

  • Remember, attracting a candidate is just as much about your company culture as the job role itself. Make sure to include points that make you seem desirable too!
  • Add photos that show off your office space, team events and your team having a great time.
  • Maybe you could include a video of some team members explaining why they love coming to work, or why they like their role.
  • Include a grid of attractive perks with some nice illustrations. Maybe you have unlimited holidays, or you have an attractive parental leave cover - show off!
  • Why not embed your company's Instagram feed to give a IRL overview of the day-to-day.

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