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Glossary: HR & Recruiting Definitions

What is mobile recruiting?

Mobile recruiting refers to attracting, engaging, and converting candidates via mobile career sites, mobile job ads, and mobile recruitment apps. It also includes texting as a communication channel and social recruiting via social media platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook.

What is a mobile career site?

Mobile career sites are browser-based sites that use responsive design to ensure they are mobile-friendly. Meaning, when using the site on a mobile device, functionalities like searching or applying to jobs are fully adapted. 

What are mobile recruiting apps?

Mobile recruiting apps enable the use of recruiting software on mobile devices to carry out most, if not all, steps in the recruiting process. Most apps allow recruiters to create job postings, review applications and candidate profiles, message candidates directly in-app and offer team collaboration tools.

What are the benefits of mobile recruiting?

As mobile device use and mobile communication become increasingly dominant, mobile recruitment is a prime opportunity for both talent sourcing and candidate sourcing. Here are some of the benefits of mobile recruitment:

  • Reach candidates where they are active: Statistics show that 89 % of job seekers think mobile devices are critical to job searching and 45 % search for jobs via mobile devices daily.
  • Engage passive talent: With people spending much of their free time on their phones, you have the chance to entice passive talent while they browse social media sites and professional social networks.
  • Increase response rate: Text messages are opened more frequently than emails, so you have a better chance of getting more and faster responses when communicating with candidates via SMS.
  • Manage the recruiting process from anywhere: Mobile recruitment apps mean scheduling interviews and communicating with candidates can be achieved outside the office. 

Three tips for effective mobile recruiting

Here are a few best practices helping your mobile recruiting strategy succeed:

1. Make sure your career site is mobile-optimized

To offer a positive candidate experience, you need to ensure that your career site is responsive and mobile-friendly across all platforms. And as mobile users can have short attention spans, try to make the site as visually compelling as possible.

With ATS tools, like JOIN, you get a free, mobile-optimized career site that lets candidates browse all your job openings and easily apply. You can customize your career site with your logo, pictures, and a short description about your organization. 

Find more information on getting a great career page in our article: How to create the best careers page on your website.

2. Create easy-to-read job descriptions

Job ads need to be succinct and easy to scroll through and read on smaller screens. Don’t forget to add a clear call to action which appears equally as clearly on mobile to encourage mobile users to apply!

Find more info on creating great job ads in our guide to writing job ads!

3. Simplify the application process

Mobile users are not going to spend as much time on your career site as desktop users. Think about shortening or simplifying the application process and having options that allow candidates to link their resumes or portfolios from professional social networks.

You can also simplify the application by using JOIN’s custom application forms. The multi-language and user-friendly forms are also mobile-optimized, so candidates can apply on the go, from any device.  

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