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Glossary: HR & Recruiting Definitions

What is a career site?

A career site, also called a career page, is a landing page or section of an employer’s website that features job vacancies, among other employment-related information.

What should be on a careers page?

Besides listing open positions, a career page is where a company can provide job seekers with employer brand content that helps them decide if they would be a cultural fit.

Here are common types of information on a career page:

  • Job openings
  • Company mission, vision, and corporate values
  • Description of different departments and teams
  • Employee testimonials
  • Videos showing the workplace environment and company culture
  • Other employment information such as perks and benefits

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Three reasons why career pages are important

1. They best communicate your employer brand for talent acquisition

A company career site is the best place for an organization to attract talent by showcasing their employer brand. No other online platform offers an organization complete control over telling their story in a way that inspires others to become part of their missions and goals.

2. They convince potential candidates

A career page is also the chance to outline why potential candidates should join your workforce. Often the first point of contact for potential applicants, a career page should illustrate who you are and what you stand for as a company. Convince candidates through employee testimonials and by highlighting workplace perks. Demonstrating what working for your organization is like allows candidates to evaluate if they are a cultural fit. 

3. They convert to visitors to job applicants 

A beautifully designed and user-friendly career site is a quick way to convince visitors to become job applicants. Have a candidate-focused UX with easy to navigate job searches and a clear path to the application. 

What makes a good career page?

Follow these tips to improve your career page:

Optimize for search engines

Improve organic traffic and get candidates directly to your career page by optimizing job titles and including keyword-rich content on your career site.

Keep vacancies updated

Don’t create a situation where candidates spend time and energy submitting an application and then immediately find out the position is already filled. A negative experience due to outdated information reflects poorly on your employer brand and can lead to losing qualified candidates for future roles.

Make it dynamic

A career site should grab candidates’ attention and give a sense of the corporate culture. Include images of the office set up or short videos that show employee workspaces and lounge areas. Visuals can better demonstrate what a candidate can expect if they join your organization. 

Stay in contact

Not every visitor to your career site will find a job that fits their qualifications. If possible, include an email alert feature to notify candidates about new job postings related to their interests. Or let candidates know if and how they can proactively send their resume and join your talent community. 

Be responsive

Enhance the candidate experience with better communication. Send an automated thank you response to candidates after they submit an application. By keeping candidates informed, you keep them engaged from the start. And it improves your employer brand image, which can make a difference as candidates are typically applying for many jobs at once. 

Be transparent

Let applicants know what to expect once they apply. Include a timeline or clearly outline the steps of your hiring process on your career site.


If possible, add an “email to a friend” or “share on social media” button to your job descriptions to extend your reach.

Mobile optimized

It’s necessary to have a career site that functions properly on mobile devices. Use responsive design or make sure pages are mobile-friendly so scrolling, searching, and applying for jobs remains easy and engaging.

Measure the performance

Track visitor metrics to your page, such as the volume of traffic, location of traffic, demographics, and engagement data.

For more detailed information on creating a careers page that stands out and attracts candidates, why not check out our article: How to create the best careers page on your website?

You can also find some examples of four excellent careers pages on our blog, to give you inspiration.

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