We bring people together and help you build the best possible teams!

The story of JOIN

Hiring shouldn't be difficult and time-consuming, which is why we build an end-to-end recruiting solution that makes hiring smarter, easier and more efficient. JOIN brings you together with the most talented and relevant candidates on the market.


We bring people together

At JOIN we’ve come together to rethink and innovate the way teams are built. It's about achieving our mission of uniting the best candidates with the right companies.


We make job posting easier

It’s easy to get lost in the jungle of job boards and lose track of the when and where. With JOIN, you attract thousands of qualified candidates by posting to 100+ platforms, with just one click.


We make recruiting fun

Efficiency is not the middle name of recruiting. Just imagine finding the best and most skilled talent, with no effort at all. We want you to spend your time wisely, hitting your goals and getting great candidates onboard.


We create experiences

An outstanding experience is the path to the best candidates. We passionately believe in creating a product that shows deep empathy for our users and the way we recruit today.


Tim and Manoj started as college friends until they decided in 2017 to shake up the recruiting industry. With JOIN, they want to tackle chaotic and expensive hiring solutions and help recruiters work smarter and more efficiently, as well as making it easy and convenient for the candidate to apply.

After ten years in the recruiting industry, it is safe to say that I’ve seen all of the pain points companies and startups are facing in hiring skilled employees. JOIN was founded with the ultimate goal of bringing the best teams together and delivering an innovative, delightful, and easy-to-use solution to post optimized job ads efficiently. We connect our clients with the best talent on the market while making sure our candidates have the most authentic user experience possible. You simply save time and money!
Tim Ruffner
With 10+ years of venture experience, I know and feel the struggles of HR departments and the pitfalls of such a cost-center being constrained by tight budgets and the need to be more effective every day. Great people are the heart and soul of a successful company. To find the best, most skilled talents, you need to be more effective than others. At JOIN, we catapult recruiting to the next level, empowering recruiters and HR experts alike to recruit faster more and better candidates with less budget, whilst letting them focus on the fun parts of hiring.
Manoj Harasgama

Our values

These are the four pillars that shape and define who we are, what we create, and who we hire.


We keep our customers at the center of everything we do and work hard to understand their deepest needs to focus on their long-term success. We sweep them off their feet by exceeding their expectations and exciting them to hire.


We welcome changes and think two steps ahead of the curve to meet the high standards we set for ourselves. We're working to build something meaningful and lasting, and are not afraid to take risks to evolve our hiring product.


We relentlessly innovate and advance our tools, services, and organization while taking ownership and maximizing impact with grit. We don't stay still and strive to improve ourselves to the best of our abilities.


We're hyper-ambitious and share our passion, time and enthusiasm with each other. Communication is key, so we continuously share and give feedback to one another as we believe in winning together.

JOIN facts & figures

JOIN enables clients to create beautiful and compelling job ads and attract better talent.

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I'm absolutely happy with JOIN, and never thought it could be so much fun to create optimized and compelling job ads. JOIN has enabled us to obtain target talent for our business in a breeze.
Daniela Steiner
Daniela Steiner
Founder at FELFEL
Finally, a platform that is thoroughly end-to-end and gets the frustrations of the recruiting process out of the way. We had searched a long time for a solution, and with JOIN finally found a platform that allows us to hire our next "Picasso" - people who are motivated and take us to the next level.
Robert Blum
Robert Blum
Founder / CEO at Poinz
JOIN mixes features and design that allows our team to streamline our recruiting tasks. It was effortless to get up and running with JOIN, and we saw an immediate increase in the number of applicants we were receiving.
Adrian Fischer
Adrian Fischer
Owner / CEO at Together AG

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