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24.01.2023 Talent acquisition

Top 5 job boards for hiring IT and tech engineers in Germany in 2024

Top 5 job boards for hiring IT and tech engineers in Germany in 2024

Hiring IT and tech engineers, such as Software Engineers or Data Engineers, can seem like a struggle. Global shortages in tech talent make attracting these professionals difficult, and this is true for Germany as well. But specialised engineering job boards can help you find qualified candidates, in Germany or abroad.

Wondering how to find and hire top tech engineering talent in Germany? Then these job boards can help!

Engineering job boards are specialised websites that focus on connecting job seekers with companies in the engineering industry. In this article, we focus specifically on IT, tech, and computer engineering jobs.

The job boards listed below typically feature a wide range of job listings for engineers, including positions in software development, computer engineering, and other technical fields.

Unlike general job boards, engineering job boards are geared specifically towards people with technical skills and backgrounds, and often have more detailed and specific job listings. In this list, we will take a look at the 5 best engineering job boards in Germany.

Looking to attract non-engineering or more general talent in Germany? Then see our dedicated article with the 5 best German job sites.

Top 5 engineering job boards in Germany in 2024

Finding and hiring tech engineering professionals can seem daunting. But by using the right IT and tech job boards, you too can find a new DevOps Engineer, Software Engineer, or Data Engineer for your business in no time.

Here are 5 of the best German engineering job boards to post your job ads to in 2024!


Mein-IT-Job is a niche job board that is specifically focussed on IT job offers in Germany. The site has a wide range of job listings for IT professionals, including positions in software development, computer engineering, and more.

This highly targeted premium job board offers a qualified pool of IT and tech engineering professionals for you to reach and attract.

Mein-IT-Job job posting


Remotive is, as the name suggests, a job board focussed on remote jobs. However, it specialises in remote jobs with a focus on the technology industry. That’s why you will be able to find many computer engineering professionals on this platform.

As all roles are remote positions, it doesn’t matter whether you’re looking for talent in Germany (regardless of your location) or you’re a German company hiring engineers. With Remotive, you can easily dip into a global pool of qualified engineering professionals.

Remotive job posting


The name says it all! GermanTechJobs is a job board dedicated to IT, DevOps, and Developer talents from Germany. Their platform offers a strong reach among (software) engineers and similar tech professionals.

Depending on the type of job ad and promotion you choose with JOIN, you can also be featured in their email newsletter to expand your reach even further! GermanTechJobs further stresses how their main focus is on transparency and providing job seekers with a smooth user experience.

GermanTechJobs job posting


JobVector is the specialised job market for computer scientists, engineers and technicians. The platform currently operates in Germany, Switzerland, and Austria, giving you a strong reach in the entire DACH region.

Aside from engineering (which also includes the fields of industrial and mechanical engineering) you can further find a range of different skill sets, from medicine to mathematics.

Jobvector job posting


Lastly, Relocate.me has yet another angle to offer. In this case, it’s a job board for technicians who want to move (relocate) to a different country or city. The job board calls itself a niche job board for techies looking to relocate, showing the strong focus on technical roles.

Do note that, to be successful on this job board, your company is advised to offer some form of relocation services to potential candidates. But if you’re in need of engineering talent and willing to offer a package in return, Relocate.me is a great place to find your next hire.

Relocate.me job posting

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How to find and attract IT and tech engineering talent

You may have noticed that the German engineering-focused job boards shared in this article are all so-called premium job boards.

That’s because in the highly competitive hiring market for engineering talent, free generalist job boards are often not enough to target your talent.

That said, with a tool like JOIN, you can easily multipost your job ad across 10+ job boards for free. And we always highly recommend you mix up your talent acquisition efforts with both paid and free job postings to enjoy maximum reach. Post your job now!

For a full list of boards to multipost to, check out our overview of the best job boards for employers in 2024!

Do you need more support and information on how to attract the best engineering talent? Then we have a few further resources that you’ll want to check out:

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