Welder Job Description

When writing your Welder job ad, it is easy to find yourself wondering, “what does a Welder do?” But don’t worry, we can clear things up for you. A Welder can craft a variety of metals to create structures, products, or goods. They’re also experts at repairing, joining, or enhancing existing products using metal.

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What is in a Welder’s job description?

A Welder is an important addition to any construction team. They will work closely with on-site construction teams by helping to cut, repair, craft, and create metal parts and structures ready for use. They can also work individually, crafting goods and products.

Essential parts of a Welder’s job description:

  • Welders will often communicate on large projects with on-site construction professionals to align on what materials and structures need to be welded.
  • Occasionally, they will work alone on projects, which will usually require them to read from technical drawings or blueprints.
  • Welders can input into the design of a construction project by offering technical and specialist knowledge.
  • The typical places of employment for Welders include construction companies, construction sites, repair companies, and factories.

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Welder Job Description Example

  • Be clear in your description. Know the tasks of the role and ideally who the candidate should be.
  • This means you won’t need to read through too many CVs to find your superstar.
  • You might be tempted to use bullet points in this section, but resist the urge! Tell a story, show off all the cool things they would be responsible for, and get them excited to apply.
  • You should be more focused on your company culture and what your mission is, instead of their daily tasks.

About the role




Are you a skilled Welder with experience building, testing, and repairing structures? Do you have experience working with several material types? Are you able to input specialist knowledge into a larger construction project? If so, we at [Company Name] are waiting to hear from you!

We’re looking for an experienced Welder with a history of working with metals including steel and aluminium, among others, both on-site and off. You’ll be working among our highly-experienced and dedicated team of construction professionals, including electricians and labourers, to help complete extensive projects in a timely manner.

Our focus is quality, so you’ll often be checking over both your work and the work of others, and completing repairs or enhancements where necessary. There will also be the opportunity to offer advice or suggestions to the project using your own experience and knowledge.
Du hast Erfahrung im Bau, der Prüfung und Reparatur von Konstruktionen? Du bist versiert im Umgang mit verschiedensten Werkstoffen? Du bist in der Lage, dein Fachwissen in ein größeres Bauprojekt einzubringen? Dann wollen wir bei [Name des Unternehmens] von dir zu hören!

Wir suchen einen erfahrenen Schweißer (m/w/d) mit einschlägiger Expertise im Umgang mit Metallen, u. a. Stahl und Aluminium, sowohl auf der Baustelle als auch außerhalb. In enger Zusammenarbeit mit unserem engagierten Team von Baufachleuten, einschließlich Elektrikern und Monteuren, trägst du dazu bei, umfangreiche Projekte fristgerecht abzuschließen, die Qualität deiner Arbeit stetig zu überprüfen und gegebenenfalls Reparaturen oder Verbesserungen vornehmen.

Bewirb dich jetzt und bringe dich und deine Erfahrung und Kenntnissen in Form stichhaltiger Ratschläge und Vorschläge in unsere Projekte ein.
  • This section is all about your candidate's experience and responsibilities. You should outline very clearly what they should expect from the job role, not from the company itself. 
  • You should use language that speaks to the candidate directly, use of “you”, “we” and “our” are all positives. 
  • Hard skills in this section are important, but don’t overlook the significance of soft skills, like communication and being a team player, these can make a huge difference to the way people work alongside each other and gel professionally. 
  • What do you believe in, and what are your core values?

Welder Responsibilities




Our Welder responsibilities are simply suggestions. It is important to go over the list below and add, amend, or remove any responsibilities that you need to. Ensuring your job ad template is accurate is important to your success!

• Advise and select welding methods.
• Weld and create strong, reliable structures for use on our construction site.
• Repair or enhance existing structures.
• Follow technical blueprints, directions, or orders to work independently on projects.
• Properly operate, maintain, and store welding tools and equipment.
• Accurately measure, cut, and prepare materials for projects.
• Report on stock material levels and request new materials when needed.
• Offer advice and input on construction projects where possible.
• Adequately clean and finish the project once initial creation is complete.
Diese Aufgaben und Zuständigkeiten für Schweißer sind lediglich Vorschläge und sollten für ihren Erfolg unbedingt individualisiert werden.

• Du berätst uns bei der Auswahl geeigneter Schweißverfahren.
• Du schweißt und erstellst stabile, zuverlässige Konstruktionen für den Einsatz auf unserer Baustelle.
• Du reparierst oder verbesserst bestehende Konstruktionen.
• Du befolgst technische Pläne, Anweisungen oder Aufträge und arbeitest selbstständig an Projekten.
• Du verantwortest die ordnungsgemäße Bedienung, Wartung und Lagerung von Schweißwerkzeugen und -geräten.
• Du misst, schneidest und bereitest die Materialien für die Projekte genau vor.
• Du erstattest Bericht über den Materialbestand und forderst bei Bedarf neues Material an.
• Du sorgst für eine angemessene Reinigung und Fertigstellung des Projekts, sobald die anfängliche Erstellung abgeschlossen ist.
  • This section is essential to finding the candidate with the skills and qualifications that will help them in their job role.
  • This should be clear and concise and set boundaries for submissions.
  • The more information you add to your skills section, the less candidates you’ll have to sift through to find the right one.
  • This would waste both your time and the potential candidate so avoid being wordy as much as possible. Think about what would be an essential part of this role, and what would the applicant need to be successful in the job?

Welder Requirements




Keep in mind, these requirements may not be a direct fit for your specific role. Therefore, it is essential that you edit and amend these points to accurately reflect the requirements of your role.
Proven experience welding both on and off of the construction site.

• Experience working with multiple different types of metal.
• Strong knowledge of welding safety procedures and practices.
• Proven experience reading, following, and amending blueprints.
• Qualification or certification in a relevant field.
• Great attention to detail.
• Ability to work independently and as part of a team.
• Physical ability to work on your feet for long periods of time.
• Physical ability to operate welding tools and machinery safely.
Bedenken Sie, dass diese Kriterien möglicherweise nicht direkt auf Ihre spezifische Rolle zutreffen. Bitte bearbeiten Sie die Punkte entsprechend, bevor Sie Ihre Stellenanzeige veröffentlichen.

• Du kannst Abschlüsse oder Zertifizierungen in einem einschlägigen Fachgebiet vorweisen.
• Du kannst einschlägige Erfahrungen im Schweißen auf und außerhalb der Baustelle vorweisen.
• Du bist erfahren im Umgang mit verschiedenen Metallarten.
• Du bringst fundierte Kenntnisse der Sicherheitsverfahren und -praktiken beim Schweißen mit.
• Du bist in der Lage, Blaupausen zu lesen, zu befolgen und zu ergänzen.
• Du hast ein scharfes Auge für Details.
• Du kannst sowohl selbstständig als auch im Team arbeiten.
• Du bist körperlich belastbar und kannst lange Zeit auf den Beinen sein.
• Du bist körperlich in der Lage, Schweißwerkzeuge und Maschinen sicher zu bedienen.

Need inspiration?

Your job description will not attract talent all on its own. So when putting together your job post, be sure to show what it's like working at your company not just textually but visually!

  • Remember, attracting a candidate is just as much about your company culture as the job role itself. Make sure to include points that make you seem desirable too!
  • Add photos that show off your office space, team events and your team having a great time.
  • Maybe you could include a video of some team members explaining why they love coming to work, or why they like their role.
  • Include a grid of attractive perks with some nice illustrations. Maybe you have unlimited holidays, or you have an attractive parental leave cover - show off!
  • Why not embed your company's Instagram feed to give a IRL overview of the day-to-day.

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