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Retail Assistant Job Ad Template

Do you wonder what a Retail Assistant is and does? Retail Assistants serve customers in your retail store, process their purchases, and execute a host of other in-shop tasks such as restocking shelves.

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What is in a Retail Assistant's Job Description?

A Retail Assistant is responsible for serving your customers, assisting and guiding them where possible, and processing their transactions. Retail Assistants also ensure the sales floor is kept tidy and organised at all times.

Essential parts of a Retail Assistant’s job description:

  • Retail Assistants help customers throughout their buying journey inside your store, from answering questions to processing sales transactions.
  • They are further tasked with general store management duties, such as preventing theft, ensuring stock levels are maintained, and keeping the sales floor neat and organised.
  • The Retail Assistant has impeccable customer service and interpersonal skills and serves as the face of the store.
  • Other names for this job include Shop Assistant, Store Assistant, and Retail Sales Assistant.

Retail Assistant Job Description Example

  • Be clear in your description. Know the tasks of the role and ideally who the candidate should be.
  • This means you won’t need to read through too many CVs to find your superstar.
  • You might be tempted to use bullet points in this section, but resist the urge! Tell a story, show off all the cool things they would be responsible for, and get them excited to apply.
  • You should be more focused on your company culture and what your mission is, instead of their daily tasks.

About the role




Is customer satisfaction your top priority? Do you love to help customers throughout the buying journey, from the second they enter the store to the moment they leave with their purchase? Then we at [Company Name] might just have the perfect opportunity for you!

We are currently looking for a highly motivated Retail Assistant to strengthen our team in [Store Location]. As our new Retail Assistant, you will work closely with the other Retail Assistants to effectively manage the sales floor. You will assist customers by answering questions and guiding them through the store. You’ll further process transactions and refill stock levels, as well as ensuring the sales floor is kept clean, tidy, and organised at all times.

If you want to have a direct impact on our business and be the welcoming face for our customers, then please apply now. We can’t wait to hear from you!
Kundenzufriedenheit hat für dich oberste Priorität? Du liebst es, Kunden während des gesamten Kaufprozesses zu unterstützen - ab der Sekunde, in der sie das Geschäft betreten, bis zu dem Moment, in dem sie es mit ihrem Einkauf verlassen? Du legst Wert auf ein rundum positives Einkaufserlebnis? Dann haben wir bei [Unternehmensname] vielleicht die perfekte Stelle für dich!

Zur Verstärkung unseres engagierten Teams in unserer Filiale in [Standort] suchen wir hoch motivierte Verkäufer (m/w/d). Du arbeitest eng mit unseren anderen Verkäufern zusammen, um die Verkaufsfläche effektiv zu verwalten. Du bist die erste Anlaufstelle für Kunden, heißt sie willkommen, beantwortest Fragen und führst sie zielgerichtet durch unsere Produktwelt. Außerdem wickelst du Transaktionen ab, füllst die Regal- und Lagerbestände auf und hältst die Verkaufsfläche stets sauber, ordentlich und übersichtlich.

Klingt nach dir? Bewirb dich jetzt. Wir können es kaum erwarten, von dir zu hören!
  • This section is all about your candidate's experience and responsibilities. You should outline very clearly what they should expect from the job role, not from the company itself. 
  • You should use language that speaks to the candidate directly, use of “you”, “we” and “our” are all positives. 
  • Hard skills in this section are important, but don’t overlook the significance of soft skills, like communication and being a team player, these can make a huge difference to the way people work alongside each other and gel professionally. 
  • What do you believe in, and what are your core values?

Retail Assistant Responsibilities




Remember these are example responsibilities, not all of these will be relevant to your specific Retail Assistant job ad. Please edit the text to match your company’s needs.

• Serve as the main point of contact for customers in store.
• Assist customers by answering their questions, checking stock availability, and processing their purchases.
• Handle customer complaints, product returns, and any other in-store issues that may arise in a professional manner.
• Work the cash register and any other technology related to our POS system (e.g., company computer, tablet, etc.).
• Inform customers about special promotions and deals to encourage them to purchase our products and/or services.
• Ensure the sales floor is clean, tidy, and organised at all times.
• Keep an eye on company stock levels and restock when necessary or inform our buying department if something is out of stock.
Denken Sie daran, dass es sich hier um Beispielaufgaben handelt, die nicht alle für Ihre spezifische Stellenanzeige für Verkäufer relevant sein werden. Bitte passen Sie den Text an die Bedürfnisse Ihres Unternehmens an.

• Du bist der Hauptansprechpartner für unsere Kunden im Store.
• Du berätst unsere Kunden, beantwortest ihre Fragen, prüfst die Verfügbarkeit der Produkte und bearbeitest ihre Einkäufe.
• Du bearbeitest Kundenbeschwerden, Produktreklamationen und alle anderen Probleme, die im Store auftreten können, auf freundliche und professionelle Weise.
• Du bedienst die Registrierkasse und alle anderen technischen Geräte, die mit unserem POS-System zusammenhängen (z. B. Computer, Tablet usw.).
• Du informierst Kunden über Sonderaktionen und Angebote, um sie zum Kauf unserer Produkte und/oder Dienstleistungen zu ermutigen.
• Du hältst den Verkaufsraum jederzeit sauber, aufgeräumt und übersichtlich.
• Du behältst die Regalbestände der Filiale im Auge und füllst sie bei Bedarf auf oder informierst Sie unsere Einkaufsabteilung, wenn der Lagerbestand zur Neige geht.
  • This section is essential to finding the candidate with the skills and qualifications that will help them in their job role.
  • This should be clear and concise and set boundaries for submissions.
  • The more information you add to your skills section, the less candidates you’ll have to sift through to find the right one.
  • This would waste both your time and the potential candidate so avoid being wordy as much as possible. Think about what would be an essential part of this role, and what would the applicant need to be successful in the job?

Retail Assistant Requirements




Remember, these are example requirements, not all of these will be relevant to your specific Retail Assistant job ad. Please edit the text to match your company’s needs.

• 1-2 years of experience in a similar role is highly preferred
• Solid understanding of Point of Sale (POS) software and related systems and technologies
• Excellent interpersonal skills
• Customer-focussed mindset and way of working
• Strong organisational skills
• Great attention to detail
• Ability to work under pressure, especially during peak periods (Black Friday, Christmas, etc.)
Denken Sie daran, dass es sich hierbei um beispielhafte Qualifikationskriterien handelt, die nicht alle für Ihre spezifische Stellenanzeige relevant sind. Bitte bearbeiten Sie den Text entsprechend den Anforderungen Ihres Unternehmens.

• Du kannst idealerweise 1-2 Jahre Berufserfahrung als Verkäufer oder in einer ähnlichen Funktion vorweisen.
• Du besitzt solide Kenntnisse der gängigen POS-Softwares und der damit verbundenen Systeme und Technologien.
• Du verfügst über ausgezeichnete zwischenmenschliche Fähigkeiten.
• Du zeichnest dich durch eine kundenorientierte Denk- und Arbeitsweise aus.
• Du bringst ausgeprägte organisatorische Fähigkeiten mit.
• Du hast ein scharfes Auge fürs Detail.
• Du besitzt die Fähigkeit, unter Druck zu arbeiten, insbesondere in Spitzenzeiten (Schwarzer Freitag, Weihnachten, etc.) und bewahrst auch in stressigen Situationen kühlen Kopf.

Need inspiration?

Your job description will not attract talent all on its own. So when putting together your job post, be sure to show what it's like working at your company not just textually but visually!

  • Remember, attracting a candidate is just as much about your company culture as the job role itself. Make sure to include points that make you seem desirable too!
  • Add photos that show off your office space, team events and your team having a great time.
  • Maybe you could include a video of some team members explaining why they love coming to work, or why they like their role.
  • Include a grid of attractive perks with some nice illustrations. Maybe you have unlimited holidays, or you have an attractive parental leave cover - show off!
  • Why not embed your company's Instagram feed to give a IRL overview of the day-to-day.

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