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Content Writer Job Ad Template

Spot the difference

Writing job ads is hard work, especially now we’re living within such a fast paced and exponential society. What’s the difference between a Content Writer and a Copywriter, anyway? Don’t Content Managers and Content Specialists do essentially the same tasks?

In short; Writers build trust, Copywriters drive sales and Strategists steer the content ship.

  • Content Writers are focused on explaining, educating or entertaining. It could be informative writing for a landing page, or fun writing for a blog or an article. They enjoy engaging the reader.
  • A Copywriter’s aim is to persuade a consumer to make an action. It’s all about encouraging language for them, usually to gain traffic or help make a sale.
  • Digital Marketing Managers love internet ecosystems. They’re concerned with social media, websites and apps.
  • Content Marketing Managers are responsible for planning and implementing a company’s overall content strategy. They look after the data of their content and report on what’s working well and what needs improvement.
  • Content Strategists and Specialists are very similar and have almost the same responsibilities. They both understand the long and short term aims of a company and come up with ways to help them reach those goals. They ensure all content is clear and compelling. If you really need a difference between the two roles, a Specialist is a little more creative and general, and a Strategist is more analytical.

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Job Ad Template

  • Be clear in your description. Know the tasks of the role and ideally who the candidate should be.
  • This means you won’t need to read through too many CVs to find your superstar.
  • You might be tempted to use bullet points in this section, but resist the urge! Tell a story, show off all the cool things they would be responsible for, and get them excited to apply.
  • You should be more focused on your company culture and what your mission is, instead of their daily tasks.

About the role

Do you enjoy creating engaging content? Are you passionate about storytelling? Are you an excellent writer and a wonderful communicator? Do you enjoy working across multiple teams to display the best elements of a company to the outside world? If so, we may have an exciting opportunity within our marketing department for you!

We are seeking a Content Marketing Manager to help develop our organic growth and messaging strategies throughout _Company Name_. As part of the marketing team you will help define all content marketing strategies and work to deliver successful online campaigns with the aim of uplifting growth, customer engagement, and brand awareness.

Most importantly you have fun at work and have a passion for creating a positive impact on the _Company Industry/Mission_. You are performance driven with an analytical mind as well as having a creative streak with a “quality content sells” mindset.
Schreiben ist deine Passion, du kannst dich aus vielen Perspektiven in Themen hineindenken und liebst es, einzigartige Texte zu kreieren? Du brennst für guten Content und bist von der Themenfindung über die Konzeption bis hin zur Veröffentlichung voll in deinem Element? Dann wartet bei [Unternehmensname einfügen] eine spannende Stelle in der Marketingabteilung auf dich!

Bewirb dich jetzt, verstärke unser Marketing-Team als Content Writer (m/w/d) und unterstütze uns bei der Stärkung unserer Brand auf allen unseren Marketingkanälen. Ab Tag 1 treibst du unser Wachstum weiter voran und wirst ein wichtiges Puzzleteil unserer Erfolgsgeschichte!
  • This section is all about your candidate's experience and responsibilities. You should outline very clearly what they should expect from the job role, not from the company itself. 
  • You should use language that speaks to the candidate directly, use of “you”, “we” and “our” are all positives. 
  • Hard skills in this section are important, but don’t overlook the significance of soft skills, like communication and being a team player, these can make a huge difference to the way people work alongside each other and gel professionally. 
  • What do you believe in, and what are your core values?


Remember these are example responsibilities for a Content Writer's job description, not all of these will be relevant to your specific job ad. Please edit the text to match your company’s needs.

• Develop an editorial calendar and a communications strategy.
• Plan, execute and optimise content marketing campaigns and initiatives in collaboration with cross functional teams and external creative/social/media partners.
• Manage all social channels and aim for growth in terms of follows and engagement.
• Work with our CMS to develop beautiful, on-brand and thought provoking content.
• Ensure content feels locally relevant and personal while delivering significantly measurable growth.
• Develop a consistent company tone of voice.
• Brief, write, edit and proofread both long and short-form content and be responsible for making sure everything is A-OK before release.
• Track and report on the effectiveness of your campaigns and communication plans and develop optimisation strategies to evolve and improve your content.
• Du entwickelst und konzipierst zielgruppenorientierten Online- und Offline-Inhalten unter Berücksichtigung der jeweiligen Marketing-Ziele.
• Du führst Keyword-Recherchen durch und wendest bewährte SEO-Strategien zur Optimierung der Sichtbarkeit in den Suchergebnissen an.
• Du erstellst gründlich recherchierte und einzigartige Texte (z. B. Blogartikel, Produktbeschreibungen, Whitepapers, Social-Media-Postings, Newsletter, Landingpages), die die Aufmerksamkeit des Zielpublikums erregen.
• Du lektorierst unsere bestehenden Inhalte und korrigierst Fehler und Unstimmigkeiten und polierst / aktualisierst diese zur Verbesserung der Lesbarkeit.
• Du verantwortest die Qualitätssicherung von Landingpages, E-Mails und vielen weiteren Textformaten und stellst die Einheitlichkeit der Textstile sicher.
• Du unterstützt unser Marketingteam bei der Entwicklung von Inhalten für Werbekampagnen.
• Du sorgst für die strikte Einhaltung unserer stilistischen Leitfäden und Richtlinien für Kommunikation.
• Du stimmst dich mit Marketing- und Designteams zur Struktur und Illustration von Artikeln ab und
stellst die fristgerechte Lieferung von Materialien gemäß Redaktionskalender sicher.
  • This section is essential to finding the candidate with the skills and qualifications that will help them in their job role.
  • This should be clear and concise and set boundaries for submissions.
  • The more information you add to your skills section, the less candidates you’ll have to sift through to find the right one.
  • This would waste both your time and the potential candidate so avoid being wordy as much as possible. Think about what would be an essential part of this role, and what would the applicant need to be successful in the job?


Remember these are example responsibilities, not all of these will be relevant to your specific job ad. Please edit the text to match your company’s needs.

• You have at least two years experience in a similar role.
• Have demonstrated experience in a fast-paced and ever changing environment.
• Excellent native level English language skills, proficiency in other languages is a plus.
• You can balance creative and strategic excellence: Your head is in the clouds while your feet are on the ground.
• You’re a fantastic communicator who enjoys working with cross-functional teams. You are open to give and receive constructive feedback and strive to improve.
• You enjoy creating engaging copy that tells a story.
• Experience in targeting SEO keywords and optimising for conversion rate. You’re comfortable working within a CMS environment.
• You think and act as We, not Me. Fostering internal relationships and striving towards a learning and open culture is always on your mind.
• You understand Brand and Performance KPIs.
• Du besitzt ein abgeschlossenes Studium in Kommunikation, Marketing, Germanistik, Journalismus oder einem verwandten Bereich, eine abgeschlossene Berufsausbildung im Marketing-Bereich oder eine vergleichbare Qualifikation.
• Du bringst mind. 1–2 Jahre Erfahrung als Online-Redakteur/in, Journalist/in, Content Writer/in, Copywriter/in oder in einem ähnlichen Bereich mit.
• Du besitzt ein tadelloses Verständnis der deutschen Sprache, Sicherheit in deutscher Orthografie und Grammatik.
• Du besitzt hervorragende Schreib- und Redaktionsfähigkeiten.
• Deine Arbeitsweise ist selbstständig, strukturiert und von hoher Selbstdisziplin geprägt.
• Du bringst eine ausgeprägte Hands-on-Mentalität mit.
• Du bist erfahren im Umgang mit Content Management Systemen (z. B. WordPress, Weebly, Joomla, etc.).
• Du beherrschst die gängigen Textbearbeitungs-Programme.
• Du behältst auch bei knappen Fristen kühlen Kopf und lieferst stets pünktlich ab.
• Du besitzt exzellente zwischenmenschliche und kommunikative Fähigkeiten.
• Du bist eine selbstbewusste und zuverlässige Persönlichkeit.
• Du hast ein extrem scharfes Auge für Details
• Du besitzt Basiswissen in Bildbearbeitung, HTML, CSS und XML.

Need inspiration?

Your job description will not attract talent all on its own. So when putting together your job post, be sure to show what it's like working at your company not just textually but visually!

  • Remember, attracting a candidate is just as much about your company culture as the job role itself. Make sure to include points that make you seem desirable too!
  • Add photos that show off your office space, team events and your team having a great time.
  • Maybe you could include a video of some team members explaining why they love coming to work, or why they like their role.
  • Include a grid of attractive perks with some nice illustrations. Maybe you have unlimited holidays, or you have an attractive parental leave cover - show off!
  • Why not embed your company's Instagram feed to give a IRL overview of the day-to-day.