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Interview questions

Digital Marketing Manager

Best interview questions for your hiring process

Digital Marketing Manager Interview questions

How do you spot a great digital marketing manager in an interview? Here are some things to look out for: 

  • Ideally the candidate will be a great communicator with exceptional time management skills. 
  • Creativity will be a big plus in this role as they’ll be leading marketing campaigns. 
  • Problem solving and the ability to problem solve is an advantage as they’ll be using data to draw conclusions. 
  • A few years experience will of course be beneficial, but it’s not essential for the role if they’re willing to learn.

Interviewing a Digital Marketing Manager

Are you searching for an excellent Digital Marketing Manager? Then it will soon be time to get to know the candidates a little better in an interview. With our Digital Marketing Manager interview questions, your interview is prepared quickly and easily.

Please note: Our interview questions are suggestions for the earlier stages of the application process and for candidates with average work experience. They are therefore a little more general.

How to open the job interview

Interviews naturally breed nerves, so the first part of your interview should aim to make the candidate feel comfortable speaking with you, you’ll get much more information out of them and a better sense of the person they are if they feel like they can trust the environment they are in. 

To do this you can ask some fun and interesting questions linked to the role, they should be open-ended and encourage conversation.

Best interview questions for your hiring process

See our Digital Marketing Manager Job Description here

For the interview

A positive opener to start

Why did you choose to become a Digital Marketing Manager?

What has been your journey so far?

Behavioral Questions

How do you keep up to date with digital marketing trends and new tools?

Gives you an idea of how proactive they are, and their level of dedication to the job. 

What, in your opinion, makes a great marketing campaign?

This question will give you an idea of their level of seniority and depth of experience. They should be able to answer this question in depth and share many opinions. 

Which brands and campaigns have inspired you the most?

There is no right or wrong answer for this, but they should have a few brands or campaigns that they know they love. It’s more about style and energy than knowledge. 

What has been your least successful marketing campaign? Why do you think that was?

This gives you an idea of how they deal with criticism and feedback and how they solve problems to improve in the future.

Soft Skills

How would you pitch an expensive digital marketing campaign to a senior management team that has little experience in the industry?

Firstly, this will show how strong their communication skills are, it will secondly display how they view budgets and how they manage them for best results. 

Which digital marketing strategies would you implement if you were to join our team? 

Shows how much research they’ve done about your company before the interview and how creative and excited they are about potentially taking the lead and making changes. 

What sorts of environments do you find you thrive in? Both within a team and with management styles.

This will tell you how they work within a team, and if their preferred working style will match your current set up. This is particularly important when referring to management styles.

Hard Skills

Which tools and platforms are you most comfortable using to track sales, traffic, revenue, etc.?

This will give you a good idea about how up to date in the industry the candidate is. A couple of platforms that might come up are Google Analytics, Clicky, AHREFs. 

Could you explain to me the connection between content marketing and SEO?

An essential skill for any marketing manager is to know the importance of SEO within any content created from either themselves or their team. They should have a tested strategy and process that they’re comfortable with. 

Are you comfortable using CMS systems? Have you used them in the past?

A simple question, usually any digital marketing person with experience would have used a CMS system to upload content and organise campaign landing pages.

Operational / Situational Questions

Can you discuss a time that your team did not agree with you? How did you resolve this?

This will display their team work and responsiveness to criticisms, they should be willing to change their strategies and compromise without jeopardizing the campaign success. 

Could you explain to me how you would go about organising an important campaign on a limited budget?

Will show their experience level and ability to work with limitations. 

How would you go about assessing which marketing channels make the most sense to start with?

This will demonstrate critical thinking and how experienced they are with all marketing channels, like paid advertising or organic social media. They should have a good thought process and be able to reason their answer.

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