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Glossary: HR & Recruiting Definitions

What is a senior-level job?

Senior-level jobs are among some of the highest positions in a company. A senior role will require a solid set of skills in the relevant field of work, a considerable amount of experience, and, typically, a certain level of management ability.

Senior-level definition

Senior-level jobs are roles with a certain level of experience in a company. They are the next step above a mid-level or mid-senior role, and will therefore often be expected to hold more responsibilities than these roles.

As with most positions, the amount of experience needed for a senior-level position depends on the role and the company’s own requirements. The employee needs to have been in the industry long enough to have gained solid soft skills as well as hard skills. Generally, this can be considered at around eight to ten years.

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Senior-level vs mid-senior

Defining whether a role is senior-level or mid-senior level can be difficult, as these positions will have some similarities. However, there are a few ways to help define the distinction.

Senior-level roles will often have direct contact with C-level managers or directors. In some cases, these may even be their direct supervisors. With mid-senior level roles though, there is usually a position between these two individuals.

Along with this, senior-level employees will often manage a team. This will involve planning strategies, training entry-level or mid-level employees, and hiring new team members. While mid or mid-senior level positions may help with this process, they will not usually have the final decision. 

While in some senior-level positions a person may work independently, usually a senior-level employee will also be a senior-level manager. This means they will be expected to give feedback and guidance.

Moving an employee into a senior-level position

The move between a mid-senior and senior-level position will require a lot more responsibility from the employee. Therefore, there are several steps a company can take to support a new hire or when promoting an employee to a senior position. These include:

‘Stretch’ assignments – This is a method of moving the employee slowly up into a senior position, by giving them tasks or challenges above their role.

Leadership training – This means providing them with extra training to boost their soft skills, including leadership or project management. 

Mentorship – Coaching or mentorship can help give the employee personalised advice or areas for development to prepare them for a senior position.

Examples of senior-level positions

Nearly all career paths will have a senior position attached. Therefore, most roles can be offered at a senior level with some adjustments.

Examples of senior-level roles include:

Full-Stack Developer

Software Engineer

Supply Chain Manager

SEO Manager


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