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Glossary: HR & Recruiting Definitions

What is mid-level experience?

Mid-level jobs are roles that require some level of experience to complete. They are a step up from entry-level positions and sit below senior-level positions. They will usually require some sort of management over entry-level employees.

Mid-level definition

Mid-level jobs are often the next step for employees after performing an entry-level role. They will usually have higher salaries and more responsibilities than entry-level positions. They will often also follow a chronological step on the career ladder. For example, an Administrative Coordinator may become an Office Manager.

How much experience is needed for a mid-level position differs by industry, and even by role, but is generally anywhere between two and eight years.

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Mid-level vs mid-senior level

Mid-level roles cover such a huge period of time during an employee’s career and will see a huge development in skills. Because of this, mid-level positions can sometimes be split into mid-level and mid-senior level roles.

In these cases, mid-level experience in years may be defined as around two to five years, while the mid-senior level would be around five to eight years. For example:

  • Manual Tester – Entry-level role
  • Automation Tester – Mid-level role
  • Test Analyst – Mid-senior level role

Here, the level of mid-level management an employee will be required to take on will differ too, with mid-senior levels expected to assist with managing mid-level employees.

Deciding whether the position is mid-level or mid-senior level

A number of points can help to decide whether a role is mid-level or mid-senior level, as detailed below:

  • What roles will the person be managing? If they are only managing entry-level roles, the position may be mid-level
  • What skill-level is expected from the employee? If an expert-level of skill is needed, with little room for development, then a mid-senior title may suit the role best
  • How many years of experience is expected? Over five years would indicate a mid-senior level position
  • Who will be their direct lead? If their line manager is a senior or above, they will likely be a mid-senior

Examples of mid-level positions

Reading through some example mid-level positions can further increase understanding of this role’s level, and what skills and responsibilities are expected of a mid-level position.

Examples of Mid-Level roles include:

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