job posting is part of CareerBuilder, a global human resources provider that also brings the co-brand JobScout24 under one roof. 122 million job searches take place on CareerBuilder's job boards every month.

Job board type

Generalist ? Generalist job boards often have a very high reach, but they are not as effective for targeting candidates.

Target group

Entire Job Market


Germany Germany & JobScout24 in numbers

Hearing of and JobScout24 for the first time? Below we have compiled a couple of top figures helping you get to know and JobScout24 better:


Visits per month

4+ million

Job alerts

24.3 million

Generated applications

Advantages and disadvantages of & JobScout24

Is hiring through & JobScout24 the right fit for you? Make a more informed decision by taking a look at some pros and cons of posting your job to & JobScout24:


  • Easy to use
  • Company logo is also displayed in the job list
  • Refresh function updates job ad after 14 days
  • Helpful career tips for applicants
  • Employer magazine
  • Filter options according to states, cities, categories, and type of employment
  • Responsive design: optimized display also on mobile devices


  • Premium only — there are no free job advertisements available
  • Generalist platform — not suitable for niche jobs

What it looks like

Wondering what job posting on & JobScout24 looks like? Below you find a sneak preview of the presentation of your job ads and company profile. Book now and attract the talent you have been looking for.

Job Search

Here is what it looks like to search job posts on & JobScout24.

Job Ad

This is how your job post appears on & JobScout24.

Company Profile

Here is a quick view of your company profile. & JobScout24 Products Discover all available products and bundles.

For publishing your job ad on and JobScout24, you need to go premium. After creating your job ad using JOIN, you can select an option how you want your premium job ad to be published. The following premium product is available on JOIN:

Premium & JobScout24 Campaign

  • 30 Days runtime
  • Design display
  • 1 Refresh, incl., logo, partner network

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Any questions on & JobScout24?

Many factors determine the success of a job ad, so it’s impossible to say how many applications your job ad will deliver. Typically, besides how compelling and detailed your job description is, the city or region and the kind of job you are posting will play a role in whether you receive the number of applications you were expecting.

Any type of job can be posted, from internships to management positions.

Job ads are visible for 30 days by default.

Yes, there is no restriction regarding the job industry.