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Glossary: HR & Recruiting Definitions

What is talent sourcing?

Talent sourcing is the process of researching, generating, identifying, and building relationships with potential candidates. The overall aim of talent sourcing is to create a consistent flow of highly-qualified talent into your network, who can turn into applicants when needed. An important aspect of talent sourcing is engaging passive candidates, those not actively looking for a job but who would be open to new opportunities if the right one came along.

Often in a Small to Medium-sized business, talent sourcing is combined with or carried out by the same team members responsible for candidate sourcing.

What is the talent sourcing process?

The talent sourcing process will vary from organization to organization, depending on their needs and growth goals. In most cases, the process follows these steps:

1. Identification

Begin by clearly identifying what kinds of candidates you want to bring into your network. For example, consider factors like the experience level and skill sets potential candidates should possess.

2. Research

Find out where you can find the talent that meets your criteria.

3. Networking

Once you have zoned in on what and where, shift focus to networking and building relationships.

4. Nurturing

The last step is staying in contact with potential candidates to generate a strong talent pool.  

What are the benefits of talent sourcing?

By talent sourcing, you are effectively creating a pool of potential candidates that you can use to fill future roles. Here are some of the benefits of talent sourcing:

  • Talent sourcing brings in applicants who are already vetted for their qualifications, saving you the time of sifting through underqualified applications and helping to improve time-to-fill metrics. 
  • Sourcing talent gives you access to candidates who are already familiar with your employer brand through earlier outreach activities, so they are likely better aligned with your company culture. 
  • Talent sourcing is also useful when traditional recruiting would prove difficult. For instance, when looking to fill unique roles that require highly-specific skills.

What are some talent sourcing tips for SMBs?

To help you achieve the best results from your efforts, here are five talent sourcing tips to follow:

  1. Figure out what you need to grow your business: Analyze your growth goals and who can help make them happen. 
  2. Make a profile of an ideal candidate: Identify the hard and soft skills, experience, salary range, and other specifics you want from applicants. Include these details in your job descriptions.
  3. Spend time on the right platforms: Determine the most relevant job boards, platforms, social media networks, and other channels to find talent.
  4. Develop a networking strategy: Plan and outline how you want to communicate with potential candidates. And don’t forget to nurture your passive candidates!
  5. Experiment: Be open to new talent sourcing strategies and stay up-to-date on the latest channels where you might be able to find and engage potential candidates.

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