Facilitating GoStudent’s hypergrowth

Clemens Kaas

Clemens Kaas

Talent Manager

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team growth in less than 1.5 years


job ad slots currently using with JOIN’s annual subscription


team members actively posting jobs with JOIN every week


GoStudent is a global learning platform that provides online one-to-one tutoring to students of all ages and for all school subjects in +20 markets. Its mission is to bui…

GoStudent is a global learning platform that provides online one-to-one tutoring to students of all ages and for all school subjects in +20 markets. Its mission is to build the No. 1 global school to unlock the full potential of every child. The scale-up is focussed on offering eye-level, inspiring tutoring and easier access to education for everyone. During each tutoring session, students and tutors interact live in a virtual classroom. Integrated features, such as a whiteboard and the option to share a screen and edit documents together, are included. GoStudent provides individual one-on-one sessions to offer students a highly personalised learning experience. The company was founded in Austria in 2016 by Felix Ohswald (CEO) and Gregor Müller (COO) and has quickly developed into a successful scale-up, which is today Europe’s most valuable EdTech company. They now operate in multiple countries in the EU, as well as the US, Canada, and parts of LATAM. In the past two years, they’ve entered a hypergrowth phase, expanding their team from around 190 to more than 2,000 employees as of June 2022. An impressive ten-fold increase in team members, many of whom were attracted through JOIN!


  • Education


  • Austria


  • 2016

Team size

  • +2,000

Platforms used

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team growth in less than 1.5 years


job ad slots currently using with JOIN’s annual subscription


team members actively posting jobs with JOIN every week

Table of contents

The Challenge

Attracting enough qualified talent to facilitate hypergrowth

When Clemens joined the team two years ago, GoStudent had about 150 employees and was still mainly focused on the DACH region. The company’s goal was to expand into new markets and rapidly scale up the business to fulfil its mission to build the No. 1 global school.

To achieve this, they had to find a way to continuously attract qualified, international talent to join their mission. And due to the competitive market, they had to provide candidates with a smooth and quick application process to ensure a great application experience.

But reaching the right candidates wasn’t always easy, as GoStudent had to find the right platforms to post their job ads to if they wanted to reach the best talent.

The three biggest pain points Clemens and GoStudent needed to solve:

  • Find the right platforms to reach the most qualified and motivated talent
  • Provide candidates with an easy, uncomplicated application process
  • Continuously attract new candidates to facilitate hypergrowth

With the help of JOIN’s easy-to-use talent attraction software, they managed to solve all three problems and grow their team tenfold in just 1,5 years.

“I can really recommend JOIN! I think the way how you set up the ads, you can do a lot on your own [and] you’re super independent and can move quickly.”

Clemens Kaas

Clemens Kaas

Talent Manager

The Solution

GoStudent partnered with JOIN to continuously attract top talent

GoStudent started working with JOIN about 2.5 years ago, just before Clemens joined the HR team. He was introduced to the tool by a colleague and quickly found out how JOIN simplified talent attraction for them.

GoStudent’s hypergrowth, among many other exciting job opportunities, is mainly focused on three core departments: Sales, Customer Success, and Tutor Operations. To facilitate the rapid growth, they needed a continuous influx of qualified talent.

Here is how JOIN’s easy-to-use talent attraction solution helped GoStudent rapidly expand:

JOIN helped GoStudent find highly motivated employees that strive in hypergrowth environments

Back then, they were still a rather small startup and specifically looking to target candidates interested in working in such a startup and possessing the right attitude to thrive in a hypergrowth environment.

As it turned out, JOIN was the perfect tool to achieve that goal. As Clemens explains:

“JOIN is very likely to be used by the target group that we are looking for: Candidates that are very motivated and really trying to find a new challenge in a startup environment or with younger companies just entering the market. I think JOIN reflects that from a branding perspective, which is why I think it’s a great fit here.”

The result? The quality of the candidates they found through JOIN was great and perfectly in line with their target audience. As Clemens mentions, the candidates attracted with JOIN turned out to be “the people that are most successful and enjoy working at GoStudent the most”. 

A smooth application process meant fewer dropouts

To acquire top talent, companies have to provide candidates with a streamlined process that’s quick and easy to navigate through. The more steps to take, and the more time spent applying, the greater the chance a candidate will drop out of the process.

As Clemens explains: “The journey for the candidates plays a big role because if the application process is difficult and bumpy, and you have too many touchpoints, [this] causes a lot of friction, negative application experience, and potential drop out of the process”.

Luckily, JOIN’s easy-to-use and intuitive application flow meant fewer candidates dropping out and a more optimised and streamlined process. With the help of JOIN, GoStudent managed to quickly acquire talent and provide a seamless candidate experience.

Easy automation facilitated continuous attraction

Clemens and the team were always on the lookout for more candidates, which meant their need for talent attraction never ended.

As he explains, “we [at GoStudent] are always open for new talent to join us for certain positions. That’s why most campaigns are running without any end or certain limit because for the past years we’ve continuously been in a growth phase”.

With JOIN, they could automate much of the process and create a workflow that facilitated continuous growth. They subscribed to annual slots for their job ads and used JOIN’s job editor to easily create new campaigns and multipost them across different job boards.

Furthermore, they were able to easily collaborate on campaigns with multiple team members inside JOIN to further streamline their process. Clemens notes: “Compared to other sites that we also work with, JOIN is working really easy, and we’re very satisfied with JOIN! We now have 25 slots that we are currently actively using for a variety of positions.”

How does GoStudent hire with JOIN?

To efficiently deal with the large number of incoming applications, GoStudent had to create a solid hiring process. Over the years, JOIN has become an important part of this process and workflow.

What does the recruiting process look like at GoStudent now?

Step 1: Decide on the position that needs to be filled and assign a hiring manager

Step 2: Create a job ad in JOIN’s job editor

Step 3: Multipost the job ad with JOIN across different job boards, using slots from their annual subscription

Step 4: Collaborate with team members inside JOIN to qualify potential candidates

Step 5: Set up an initial screening meeting with the candidate

Step 6: Second interview to dive deeper into what the candidate’s day-to-day might look like and give the candidate a clear picture of the job by providing a case study

Step 7: Meet the team and future manager

Step 8: Send an offer to the candidate

We’ve helped GoStudent attract more and better-qualified talent

GoStudent has seen an incredible phase of hypergrowth over the last two years. Not only has its team grown by 900%, but the company has managed to expand into multiple new countries in the EU and North America.


team growth in less than 1.5 years


job ad slots currently using with JOIN’s annual subscription


team members actively posting jobs with JOIN every week

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