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Moritz Henne

Moritz Henne

Recruiting & Employer Branding


current Everphone applicants open with JOIN


new team members hired in the last 4 months


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Everphone is an IT Service company founded in Berlin, Germany. Their vision is to make the smartphone a sustainable, user-friendly work tool. This includes renting mobile…

Everphone is an IT Service company founded in Berlin, Germany. Their vision is to make the smartphone a sustainable, user-friendly work tool. This includes renting mobile devices at a fixed monthly price and repairing devices more efficiently. Over 1,000 companies have already turned to Everphone for their device needs, helping in day-to-day operations and improving employee satisfaction and retention. Their products include the “Phone as a service”, which allows customers to rent mobile devices at a fixed monthly price. Furthermore, customers can choose between smartphones from Apple, Samsung, Nokia, Google, Motorola, and Fairphone. If smartphones or tablets are damaged, Everphone takes care of the repairs and replacement of the device without adding any additional cost to the company or employee. Companies can use this procedure to relieve their IT department of small tasks such as fixing laptops and phones. In addition, Everphone offers the “Choose your device” service, which lets the user select the model of smartphone or tablet to their liking! They also have the “Everphone Plus” option, which allows not only the employee of the company but also their family members to purchase devices via gross salary conversion.


  • Renewable Energy,
  • Sustainable Services,
  • Tech


  • Germany


  • 2016

Team size

  • 300+

Platforms used

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current Everphone applicants open with JOIN


new team members hired in the last 4 months


people working together as a hiring team

Table of contents

The challenge

Creating the perfect hiring process

Everphone started as a company based in and focused on Germany in 2016. Within the last few years, they have grown substantially. Today, they operate globally and in five different languages from several offices in Europe and The Americas.

They are now steadily growing as a company and becoming even more international. Finding the best candidates with a high-quality and highly structured interview process is essential. 

When Moritz and his colleagues at Everphone just started using JOIN, he and his team faced some issues and struggled in:

  • Finding suitable channels to boost their internationalisation efforts
  • Making the application process not only fast but of high quality
  • Creating an easy-to-use and effective process

With JOIN, Moritz and his hiring team found a handy solution to resolve all three points.


“Because of JOIN, I don’t have to make any extra job posts or do any extra work. The process is so easy, that JOIN finds you the best candidates, it works wonderfully.”

Moritz Henne

Moritz Henne

Recruiting & Employer Branding

The solution

Everphone uses JOIN to make recruiting seamless and keep everything centralised

As Everphone began to expand, they used JOIN to help with mess-free and easy-to-use hiring management and collaboration between everyone involved. Their recruitment process has various steps and affects many people within the organisation. 

Since Everphone started posting their jobs via JOIN, they noticed some convenient benefits of our easy-to-use talent attraction software:

Time and effort saved thanks to centralised information and a centralised process

Everphone is a growing business, with more than 70 new team members hired within last 4 months. Because of the high number of candidates and jobs, keeping up with all the tools, job portals, and the recruiting process was complicated for Everphone. 

So clearly, Moritz and his team needed a tool to facilitate their process and have every candidate and job post in one place for the team to visualise what was happening in their hiring process easily. 

So JOIN’s multiposting and managing tool was the perfect solution for Everphone. It further made recruiting easier since it could connect to their Greenhouse account and decreased wasting time posting on different job portals. 

A fast, high-quality process 

For Everphone, having a high-quality interview process that’s also highly structured is essential. The point is not only to find an employee fast but to find the best candidate for the job. 

Although finding the balance is difficult, JOIN’s automated process and organisation makes managing the candidate easier and more efficient. Furthermore, Everphone can build a workflow that works perfectly for their team. 

“As far as JOIN is concerned, I don’t have to work very actively because JOIN delivers work in the background, so the application and candidate management process is not only fast but also of high quality,” Moritz notes. 

Improve employer branding

When your business is having a problem finding a good candidate, it is essential to work on your employer branding. Luckily, Everphone has already built up a strong employee value proposition:

“We have a great mistake culture. Since the company is growing, we need people who want to try new things, and mistakes can sometimes happen when you try new things. And these mistakes will help you grow and learn new things. We act and learn quickly – making mistakes is allowed.” Moritz states proudly. 

“The focus is on the results and not so much on where you are, what nationality or gender you are, in which city you live, or how you’re looking”, he adds.

With JOIN’s Job Editor, they were provided with an extra section for telling potential applicants what they can expect from Everphone. Moritz and his team also built the trust they required to attract more qualified candidates.

How does Everphone hire with JOIN?

All the jobs that Everphone publishes are multiposted via JOIN. Thanks to its compatibility with many other tools, they can easily use JOIN alongside their other tools, like Greenhouse:

“It’s really easy to work with JOIN because it’s connected to Greenhouse, and I don’t have to make an extra job post or do any extra work. It directly goes to JOIN, and then it works, and it gets me a good candidate”, Moritz remarks.

What does the recruiting process look like at Everphone?

Everphone practices structured hiring: Using a high-quality and highly structured balance for their interview process.

When they start a recruitment process, they sit down and go through the basics: They analyse the job, team culture, requirements, current and future needs and the skills needed for the job. Then they look closely at target group information. 

And then, the process gathers pace quite quickly: 

Step 1: Kick-off meeting with Hiring Manager

Step 2: Creation of the requirement profile and competence profile

Step 3: Creation and post of job description

Step 4: Active search and application screening

Step 5: Talent acquisition interview

Step 6: Hiring manager interview

Step 7: Personality questionnaire and case study (for selected positions)

Step 8: Team interview

Step 9: C-Level interview (for selected positions)

Step 10: Offer 

The process and the number of stages do, of course, vary between different positions and seniorities. Their main focus, however, is always a fast and excellent candidate experience throughout the process.


We’ve helped Everphone better target and attract great candidates

Everphone has already experienced an exciting phase of constant growth within the last year. And there is no end in sight: Their main objectives are to grow their company steadily and internationally, improve sustainability consumption, and create a change with their IT service.

We look forward to further supporting Everphone with its international hiring efforts!


current Everphone applicants open with JOIN


new team members hired in the last 4 months


people working together as a hiring team

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