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Startup Sucht is a specialized job search site for startup jobs in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland, whose audience comprises the global startup ecosystem. Its job board caters to all kinds of jobs and levels of professionals, including a focus on co-founder opportunities.

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Specialized ? Specialized or niche job boards allow a targeted approach to specific target groups or industries.

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STARTUP SUCHT in numbers

Hearing of STARTUP SUCHT for the first time? Here’s a few top figures that underscore the reach and visibility that job posting to STARTUP SUCHT can offer:




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Advantages and disadvantages of STARTUP SUCHT

Is hiring through STARTUP SUCHT the right fit for you? Here are some pros and cons to help you decide if posting your job to STARTUP SUCHT will meet your needs:


  • Clear search categories separate out job, internship, co-founder, and remote job openings
  • Searches can be refined and filtered by keywords, job title, location, startup, or a combination thereof
  • Ability to promote some job ads to Startup Sucht’s social media followers
  • Unlimited duration
  • Job seekers can receive an email newsletter with the latest job opportunities


  • No free job posting
  • Not as streamlined as larger job search sites
  • Doesn’t offer any candidate matching or job recommendations

What it looks like

Wondering what a job ad on STARTUP SUCHT looks like? Here you get a short teaser of how searchers will see and get to know your company and your job ad on STARTUP SUCHT:

Job Search

Here is what it looks like to search job posts to STARTUP SUCHT.

Company Profile

Here’s a quick view of how your company profile looks and what information it includes.

Job Ad

Create a job within minutes using the JOIN job editor. Once you hit publish, this is how your job post appears.

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In order to post a job ad on STARTUP SUCHT, you need to go Premium. With JOIN you have the choice between different premium products for different positions (single posting). After creating your job ad using JOIN, you can select an option in the next step how you want your premium job ad to be published.


Startup Sucht Campaign

  • Single Posting “Internships”
  • Single Posting “Freelancer”
  • Single Posting ”Job”

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With our premium bundles, you make sure that your job ad is posted simultaneously on exactly those job boards that will best help you find your ideal candidate.

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Any questions on STARTUP SUCHT?

As STARTUP SUCHT focuses solely on the startup world, job posting is targeted to startups and founders who are looking to grow their teams.

The job board targets anyone and everyone wanting to work within the startup ecosystem, including job postings for co-founders.

Yes, you can post freelance job openings on STARTUP SUCHT. Just choose the “Freelancer” option in JOIN which offers unlimited duration of your job ad and automatic reactivation. In addition, the “Freelancer” option includes a post on STARTUP SUCHT’s Facebook page and a tweet from their Twitter account, making them visible to their more than 80,000 fans and followers.

Since many factors can determine the success of a job ad, it’s not possible to say how many applications your job ad will deliver. Typically, besides how compelling and detailed your job description is, the city or region you are located in, and the kind of job you are posting will play a role in whether you receive the amount of applications you were expecting.

Yes, on STARTUP SUCHT you can post internships. Just simply choose the “Internships” option in JOIN.

Your job posts are seen and searchable by anyone who visits the site. In addition, some job ads are posted to STARTUP SUCHT’s social media sites.