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"Online Marketing Rockstars" (OMR) is one of the largest platforms for the digital and marketing scene in Europe. In addition to the two-day OMR festival with conferences, trade fairs, and concerts, numerous other formats — including studies, seminars, parties, podcasts, and a job exchange — are published.

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Specialized ? Specialized or niche job boards allow a targeted approach to specific target groups or industries.

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Digital Marketing


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OMR Jobs in numbers

Posting to OMR Jobs for the very first time? Below we have compiled some of the top figures for you that illustrate the strengths of OMR Jobs:


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Advantages and disadvantages of OMR Jobs

Is hiring through OMR the right fit for you? Make a more informed decision by taking a look at some pros and cons of posting your job to OMR:


  • Easy to use
  • Focus on the digital and online marketing scene
  • Job ad update after 15 or 30 days: the ad is moved back to the first position on the list for the remaining period of time.
  • When booking the 'Basic' single ad through JOIN: three mentions in the newsletter


  • Only premium job ads available

What it looks like

Wondering what a job posting on OMR Jobs will look like? See for yourself! Push your recruiting efforts to the next level and attract the talent you are looking for.

Job Search

Here is what it looks like to search job posts on OMR.

Job Ad

This is how your job post appears on OMR.

Job Search

Here is what it looks like to search job posts on OMR.

Job Ad

This is how your job post appears on OMR.

OMR Products Discover all available products and bundles.

OMR Jobs offers several packages to promote your job ad and draw the attention it deserves. The following OMR products are available on JOIN:


OMR Campaign

  • 30 days runtime
  • All Features from 'Starter'
  • Social Media Push
  • Halftime Refresh

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Premium bundles including OMR Jobs

As an alternative to your single posting, you can also publish your job ad on several relevant job boards and platforms simultaneously with our affordable premium bundles.1

The composition of our bundles depends on the conditions (industry, requirements, experience, type of employment, location, etc.) of the job you want to advertise. On this basis, for each job posting, JOIN provides you with data-driven recommendations on which job board combinations are best suited for your specific requirements.

With our premium bundles, you make sure that your job ad is posted simultaneously on exactly those job boards that will best help you find your ideal candidate.

Just choose a package or bundle, add it to your shopping cart and follow our simple and secure checkout process to complete your booking.

1 Availability is subject to change.

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Any questions on OMR Jobs?

Many factors determine the success of a job ad, so it is impossible to say how many applications your job ad will deliver. Typically, besides how compelling and detailed your job description is, the city or region and the kind of job you are posting will play a role in whether you receive the number of applications you were expecting.

Any type of job can be posted – from internships to executive positions, as long as your job listing is in the digital field.

We use our extensive data and technology to help you decide where best to invest your money. We analyze and recommend specific job boards and platforms in a data-driven way to help you find the right candidate faster.

The runtime for your job ad always amounts to 30 days.

Of course, there is no guarantee that you will find suitable candidates based on your premium job ad – but the fact is that it is the basis for generating some reach and visibility.

However, if you decide to use JOIN to create and advertise job ads, you will gain exciting insights from us that will show you whether certain job boards are worthwhile for you or not.