Posting job ads on Indeed, one of the largest job search sites

Indeed is one of the largest and most popular job search engines. It is a generalist job site that aggregates listings from many sources and posts jobs from every industry and for every type of employment.

Job board type

Generalist ? Generalist job boards often have a very high reach, but they are not as effective for targeting candidates.

Target group

Entire Job Market


International International

Indeed in numbers

Here are some useful figures that give you an idea of the power of posting jobs on Indeed.

250 million

Visitors per month

175 million

Resumes uploaded


New job posts added every second

Is hiring through Indeed the right fit for your company?

Have a look at this quick overview to see some of the advantages and disadvantages of posting your job to Indeed.


  • Easy to search relevant jobs by keywords, title, industry, and location. Plus an advanced filter option to narrow down results.
  • Suitable for posting for all kinds of work including internships, freelance, and part-time
  • Candidates can upload and store their resume to quickly apply to jobs
  • Daily job alert emails notify candidates of new job posts relevant to their search
  • Indeed is mobile-friendly and even has a downloadable app, both advantageous as increasingly job searches are done via mobile devices.
  • Free and premium job posting


  • As new jobs are added every second, job posts have high competition
  • Free job postings move down in the search results and lose visibility over time

Use JOIN to simply choose the premium job ads you need

After you create your job ad using JOIN, you can select an option on how you want your premium job ad to be published.


  • Single Posting on CPC basis XS 14 days
  • Single Posting on CPC basis S 30 Days
  • Single Posting on CPC basis M 30 Days
  • Single Posting on CPC basis L 30 days
  • Single Posting on CPC basis XL 30 days
  • Single Posting on CPC basis XXL 30 days

1 Availability subject to change

4 steps to your premium job advertisement:

1. Select a package 1

2. Add it to your cart

3. Follow an easy checkout process

4. Your job ad will be posted


Big Board Package

  • Indeed - Single Posting on CPC basis M - 30 days
  • LinkedIn - Single Posting - 30 days
  • XING - Single Posting Professional - 30 days

Marketing Package Special

  • Gründerszene - Single Posting - 30 days
  • Indeed - Single Posting on CPC basis M - 30 days
  • LinkedIn - Single Posting - 30 days
  • OMR Jobs - Single Posting Basic - 30 days

Available Premium Bundles

You can also choose to post on Berlin Startup Jobs in combination with other job boards and platforms.

These bundles depend on the type of job you want to advertise – within JOIN you’ll find data-driven recommendations on which bundles will probably work best for what you’re looking for.

One example could look like this – select to post your job ad simultaneously to several job boards that are most likely to help you find your ideal candidate:


Create a job ad with JOIN’s job editor


Choose package or bundle to post your ad to Indeed


Automatically receive all applications in your JOIN account


Manage all applications in JOIN


Evaluate if Indeed works for your recruiting - JOIN delivers data insights that help you invest wisely

How JOIN helps you post quickly to Indeed

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What it looks like

Job Search

Here is what it looks like to search jobs posts on Indeed

Company Profile

Here is how your company profile with all your job posts is displayed

Job Ad

Once you have created your job ad with our JOIN job editor and hit publish here’s how your job posts look like on Indeed

Mobile App

Here is how job ads appear when the high volume of candidates search and apply for jobs on their mobile devices

Any Questions?

Indeed lists jobs in 60 countries and is available in 28 languages.

Your job ad will be live for 30 days.

Sponsored Jobs increase the visibility of job posts on Indeed as they are highlighted in search results and are the first job ads people see. With Sponsored Jobs, your posts secure and maintain a prominent search position and don’t get buried under new free job postings. According to Indeed, Sponsored Jobs receive up to 5x more clicks than free postings.

Job posts are accessible to candidates from both desktop computers and mobile devices and are searchable to anyone visiting the site, including those who do not have an account.

No, Indeed accepts job postings for every kind of employment including freelance, part-time, internship, and full-time. And all receive equal billing, meaning not one kind of employment type is favored in search results.

When job seekers search on Indeed, they enter keywords related to their interests. Your job posts then appear in search results when your job title, description, location or other information relates to the entered search terms. This ensures that the most relevant job seekers see your job ad. Free job ads, however, will lose visibility over time as they will move further down in search results as new jobs are posted.

Sponsored Job ads work on a CPC basis, JOIN allocates a budget for your ad that will bring it the best Return on Investment, spending the full amount and ensuring it is seen by the right target audience at the right time.