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HeyJobs is the modern job platform for the scarce candidate market. Since its foundation in 2016, HeyJobs has been helping companies find qualified candidates for all open positions. The recruiting products combine effective job marketing, AI-based technologies and a user-friendly application process, making them optimally tailored to the labour market.

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Advantages and disadvantages of HeyJobs

Is hiring through HeyJobs the right fit for your organisation? Take a look at some pros and cons of posting your job to HeyJobs:


  • Reaches active and passive candidates on over 50 channels, including social media and job boards
  • Uses a self-learning algorithm to optimize budget distribution for maximum reach
  • Leverages a talent pool of over 2 million professionals to find additional candidates
  • Offers a mobile-optimised application process, increasing conversion rates


  • High time investment required for follow-up due to low-barrier applications
  • Some applicants are unreliable or unsuitable for specific roles
  • High competition with other companies using similar platforms

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Trusted by over 100,000 companies worldwide

  • Source and attract top talent

    Craft perfect job ads, get your own custom career page, and multipost your job ad on hundreds of job boards.

  • Screen and interview your candidates

    Create custom assessments, collaborate with hiring scorecards, and schedule interviews effortlessly.

  • Manage and track all in one tool

    Track incoming applications, centralise communication with candidates and your team, and enjoy smart automations and integrations.

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Frequently asked questions

Do you still have questions about how posting to HeyJobs can help your business?

HeyJobs actively engages both active and passive candidates across 50+ channels, leveraging a self-learning algorithm to optimise budget allocation.

With a talent pool of over 2 million professionals, HeyJobs offers insights into regional candidate availability and facilitates instant notifications to candidates via WhatsApp.

Additionally, their mobile-optimised application process and customisable selection questions ensure both quantity and quality in candidate sourcing.

Unlike traditional job boards, HeyJobs does not wait for candidates to find them. Instead, they proactively reach out to active and passive candidates across channels where they are present.

HeyJobs uses over 50 channels for marketing, operates its own award-winning job platform, and maintains a talent pool.

While they do employ performance marketing to find the right candidates, it is just one part of their success formula.